Have fun this Christmas trying this fiendish quiz from Caroline Deacon.


1. Where is it always winter but never Christmas?

 One point for the place, another point for the name of the book and a third point for the author.


2. In Clement Clarke Moore's poem usually known by its first line, ''Twas the Night before Christmas', what’s missing from these two lines in the second verse?

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of ........ danced in their heads

3. Name three of the presents Harry Potter gets in his first Christmas at Hogwarts.

 One point for each correct answer.


4. What are the names of the two children in Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen?

 One point for each.


5. In Beatrix Potter's The Tailor of Gloucester, what is the name of the cat?


6. In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, what happens to Scrooge’s door knocker?

7. What is your star sign if you’re born on Christmas Day?


8. Which fairytale inspired people to create gingerbread houses for Christmas?

9. What is the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time?

10. What did my true love give me on the eighth day of Christmas?

11. How many gifts in total did my true love give me?


12. In which book did someone complain that ‘Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents?’ 
Extra point for the author, and another if you know which character.


13. Who did Harry Potter go to the Yule Ball with on Christmas Day? 
An extra point if you can name the book as well.

You will find the answers here.


Caroline Deacon lives in Edinburgh and is the author of several childcare books. She now writes MG and YA and is agented by Lindsay Fraser of Fraser Ross Associates, Edinburgh. Find her on Twitter and at

Picture credits

Snowy forest: Zanna-76 on Pixabay
Children asleep: Open Clip Art
Christmas gifts: PeakPx
Snow queen reindeer: illustration by Vilhelm Pedersen (1820–1859)
Cat in Tailor of Gloucester: illustration by Beatrix Potter, 1903
Marley's ghost: illustration by John Leech, 1843
Astrologer: Wellcome collection, 1753, photo from Wikimedia Commons
Gingerbread house: Achim007 at Pixabay
Cinema: Main theater of Muppetvision 3D, Disney. Photo by Carterhawk on Wikimedia Commons 
Heap of gifts: Christmas stock images

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