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New Releases 

Finney the Fox wants to write a book. He’s just bursting with ideas. The only problem is … all the original ideas are gone! Or are they? Join Finney as he tries to find his story, with a little help from a friend. Based on the UCLan Publishing logo, Finney the Fox has been brought to life in Finney's Story by competition winner Alana Washington & illustrator Charlotte Caswell.

Cover of Finney's Story

This choo-chooing DELIGHT of a picture book is BURSTING with energy and fun and is a must for little people everywhere! TRAINS by
Donna David
and Nina Pirhonen is here folks! ALL ABOARD!!

TRAINS, TRAINS, TRAINS! by Donna David and Nina Pirhonen

My Brother is a Vampire, written by Kirstin McNeil and illustrated by Steven Bristow is a fun rhyming story about a boy who is convinced his brother is a vampire, because he acts so much like one! He's awake at night, has the sharpest teeth, shrieks really loudly and loves hanging upside down... so why won't any grown-ups believe him? Ideal for 3-6 year olds, this 36-page picture book is filled with colourful illustrations, catchy rhyming verse and makes a perfect bedtime story.

Kirstin McNeil holding My brother is a vampire.

Brian Brackbrick and the Menace of Mr Sparker Book 6 of the Brian Brackbrick series by GR Dix has now been released - the exciting conclusion to this set of chapter books for young readers! The shocking events of book 5 have left Brian Brackbrick and George Bum on the run, with the whole town turned against them! Get your copy of book 6, and find out if Brian and George can save the day, rescue their friends, and finally stop the villainous Mr Sparker!

Menace of Mr Sparker Cover

Coming Soon 

Lucy Farfort has every reason to celebrate this month as she signs a deal with Tate Publishing for the stunning In Our Hands due out September.

Cover of In Our Hands

Louise Finch is stomping into March with her head held high as her debut YA novel, The Eternal Return of Clara Hart, has been acquired by Little Island Books and is due to be published in August 2022. It's a time-loop novel about toxic masculinity, second chances and the difficulties of saving the day when you’re not the hero you thought you were.

Louise Finch

Farshore has landed two “awesome alien-infused adventure” stories from middle-grade writer Lorraine Gregory. The first book Interdimensional Explorers will publish in June 2023 with book two in early 2024. “Interdimensional Explorers sees 12-year-old Danny swept up in an unforgettable adventure as he ends up in charge of a secret Interdimensional Lost Property Office when his Grandad falls ill. To help him sort through the junk of an entire multiverse Danny ropes in his best friend Modge and his annoyingly perfect cousin Inaaya. But the threesome land smack in the middle of a dastardly, devious plot that could end up destroying the entire multiverse forever...” 

Lorraine Gregory

Camilla Chester’s first traditionally published book, Call Me Lion is celebrating its cover reveal. Designed by Becka Moor at Firefly the stunning summer cover is from the beautiful illustration by Irina Avgustinovich. Call Me Lion is a Middle Grade story of friendship between Leo, a boy dancer with Selective Mutism and Richa, the chatty girl who comes to live next door. Due for release June 16th 2022.

Cover for Call me Lion

Firefly Press signs 'summer holiday in a book' by Kate Mallinder - Summer Under the Stars is the sequel to her her previous novel Summer of No Regrets, and follows four friends as they drive across France

Kate Mallinder

Dadaji's Paintbrush written by Rashmi Sirdeshpande, art by the wonderful Ruchim Hasne is out in July in the UK with Andersen Press and this fall in the US with Levine Querido. A beautiful picture book about art and loss and that beautiful grandparent-grandchild relationship.

Cover of Dadaji's Paintbrush

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Good News 

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