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 *Comic: Penny Bennett; Author: Tibo Torelli

*Header image: In-house collaboration between Ell Rose and Tita Berredo


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Penny was born and raised in rural Gloucestershire and moved to Lancashire in her twenties. Art and animals have always been the leading two interests in her life. Having volunteered to help with the SCBWI Words & Pictures magazine comic strips, she created some roughs for the two characters Penny, (coincidentally named), and McCauley, very loosely based on people she knows. It was felt by the team that the McCauley strip worked well in its rough form 
so, apart from adding some frames, it was kept as it was. The Penny strip was worked up into colour and refined, so more in keeping with her usual illustrative style. She has used a combination of Procreate, (for the initial composition and final colouring), and pen and ink. She also enjoys lino printing.

Her work can be found on Facebook and her website here.


His passport is British, his accent is French, his name is Italian and his drama is Korean. Tibo lives in Stirling and joined SCBWI in March 2022. He recently became one of Scotland's Network Organisers. He has been writing since the age of 10 and pursued a career as a scriptwriter in London for 12 years before moving to Scotland. He writes picture books the perfect media for his stories – he is in awe of illustrators and how they can visually tell a story and he enjoys the challenge of writing a complete story in a few words.


Ell Rose is the Illustration Features Editor of Words & Pictures

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Tita Berredo is the Illustrator Coordinator of SCBWI British Isles and the Art Director of Words & Pictures. She has a Master's degree in Children's Literature and Illustration from Goldsmiths UOL and a background in marketing and publicity.

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