Morris the Mankiest Monster ~ Sarah McIntyre

Here's publisher David Fickling and illustrator Sarah McIntyre in conversation about the making of Morris the Mankiest Monster, probably the most disgusting picture book in the world. MTMM is written by Giles Andeae and Sarah McIntyre. A professional series event by the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators in the British Isles


  1. Oh wow, thanks so much for putting that together, Candy! I'm going to cross-post it soon and send people over to this blog!

    It's fun to watch, I'd forgotten a lot of the stuff we talked about. (Haha, and *such* a flattering angle... whee!) XD

    Thanks, Candy! xx

  2. Brilliant Candy, I remember this, it was a really fascinating talk (thanks Sarah, a wonderful insight into picture books)and has all the ingredients to make us want to go do it!

  3. I'm so sorry to have missed the event back in June, but Candy's excellent video says it all. Thanks to June for posting it.

  4. Great talk, and so nice to hear about the process you went through in developing the character, and to see the whole book thumbnails, and rough sketches. I am always fascinated to see how others bring a book's elements together for the final product.

  5. Great footage - I especially loved to hear what David Fickling had to say about the delicate job of the editor. I know from speaking to Sarah during the process, what a tricky text it was to illustrate. She made a fabulous job of it. We love Morris!


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