The Sketchbook Project

Front cover of my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project, theme Night Time Stories.

Inside front and inside back covers for the sketchbook.

This is the cover for an exciting event I am participating in called the sketchbook project run by the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, New York. Artists are participating from all over the world. The sketchbooks are given ISBN numbers, tour several main cities in the US and become part of a permanent library collection allowing them to be checked out like a book. I got started on this project as a way to experiment, play, and try out a story idea based on two characters, Raven and Wolf and their competitive and mischievous relationship. Their story is based on a Native American story of a time of magic and when humans and animals were the same.

To find out more:
The Sketchbook Project: 2011


  1. This is beautiful work Ann-Marie, it looks like it will make a very fine book. Are you planning on submitting it to publishers too?

    The Sketchbook Project sounds fascinating, good luck with it!

  2. I agree wirh John --it's beautiful!

  3. I recently found out about the sketchbook project from another site, but I wasn't sure about the themes listed to select from.

    Can you choose your own theme then Anne-Marie?

  4. Wow! This is gorgeous! I wanna see all of it!

  5. Excellent idea, and wonderful images Anne Marie. I hope it develops into something further.

  6. I love sketch books and yours looks a wonderful one, Anne Marie - full of the vitality that the best sketch books always have. What a great project this is.


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