New Book

This is the cover of a book I've recently finished illustrating. Written by Lynne Garner and published by Piccadilly Press, it features a young troll, Boris, and his dog. The story encompasses love, friendship, betrayal, revenge and farting -- so most of the major themes of literature covered, I think.
I scanned in a pencil drawing and then coloured it up in Photoshop. The book is due out next year, in Spring I hope.


  1. Poor Dog! I hope he is cleared of all blame.

    I really like the textures you have added to the background.

  2. agreed, great dog characterisation, and some lovely subtle colours, I'd never have guessed it was entirely coloured in Photoshop.

  3. Very striking cover Mike.
    Did you keep the pencil drawing on a layer above the colour (in multiply mode?) or did you re-do the linework in Photoshop too?
    And did you add the type?

  4. Hi Paul,
    I scanned a pencil drawing into Photoshop, and the line layer sat on top on the other layers, but not in multiply mode. I used that mode for adding texture to the background. Yes, I chose this type (Boop Boop) which I think has a nice modern goofy sort of quality. The designer wanted to go a different way, but we eventually compromised -- the final cover will have the title as you see it, but the names in another (boring!) typeface.
    Congratulations on Hot Frog's anniversary. Great work!


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