Educational success for Janet Foxley and Carmel Waldron

Carmel Waldron

Congratulations to Carmel Waldron for her work on educational books. Her Oxford Literature Companions:on To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men are both recently published. Janet Foxley also continues to delight with her book The House in the Forest recently published by Collins Educational.  

Janet Foxley
Janet's book is beautifully illustrated by Keino and is designed to help develop reading stamina.
Janet had been writing for thirty-five years and was an OAP by the time her first book was published as a result of winning the Times/Chicken House competition.  Muncle Trogg, published in 2011, was short-listed for a number of awards and sold to 22 countries.  It has also been optioned by Sony for an animated film. 
Muncle Trogg and the Flying Donkey followed in 2012 and Janet is now working on another fairy-tale featuring a dragon and a princess, but this time no giants.


  1. Great news Janet and Carmel. Janet how are you managing without the giants?

  2. Congrats Carmel and Janet - what an inspiration!

  3. Congratulations Carmel and Janet!


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