What Did Jo Franklin Get For Christmas?

Jo Franklin
I'm  happy to report that Jo Franklin did not get a mouldy satsuma and half a dozen nuts in her christmas stocking. Jo got herself  an agent! Anne Clark of the Anne Clark Literary Agency.

Anne says, What drew me most to Jo's writing was the confident and skilful way she combines a funny, far-fetched plot with an engaging, very believable context of family, friends and school. Daniel's interactions with his annoying big sister and his best friends feel authentic as well as comic, and I love the way Jo weaves through a subtle theme of fitting in (or not) which makes us care about the characters and builds to a satisfyingly warm but schmaltz-free ending.

Jo writes every day in Peckham library. Her favourite seat is sandwiched between thrillers and The Unexplained with a great view of the pie and mash shop.
Jo uses her rejection letters to prop up her wobbly desk. Her favourite SCBWI event is the retreat as it’s the perfect excuse to go away for the weekend with her brilliant friends.
She is writing middle grade boys humour.

We look forward to more success for Jo soon - well done Jo!


  1. Thanks everyone. And thanks Anne! That was a surprise, I didn't know Kathy had asked her for a quote as well.

  2. Very excited for you, Jo. This is just the beginning.

  3. Jo, your disciplined routine and determination is inspirational. That is a story in itself and where you sit in the library is poetry. Congratulations Jo!

  4. I love the image of you working in Peckham library. Well done Jo.

  5. Well done, Jo. Looking forward to reading another SCBWI funny book.


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