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Report by Anita Loughrey
I am the London Network coordinator, although I don’t live in London. I live in Thatcham, near Newbury. I write both fiction and non-fiction for children, as well as teacher resources and I have had over 50 books published. I have been a member of SCBWI for over ten years.

There is always, loads going on in the London Network. As well as the Writers’ and the Illustrators’ Professional Series, Masterclasses and crit groups, we have regular social events with an honorary guest. In March, we had a cosy fireside chat at the George on TheStrand with commissioning editor, Tori Kosara, from the new Bonnier imprint, Red Lemon Press.

The next social is not actually in London. It is Saturday 20th April at Heffers in Cambridge from 12noon to 2pm. Our honorary guest is Teri Terry who will be signing books and doing a reading from her latest novel, Fractured. Afterwards, Teri will be joining us for drinks at The Bath House Pub, five minutes’ walk from Heffers.

I am open to suggestions for who you would like me to invite as honorary guest. Some members suggested Frank Lampard. Sadly he is unable to make it! But, I got a nice reply from his agent, Liz Bonsor, from the BlairPartnership:

‘I am really sorry to say that Frank's unbelievably busy schedule at the moment unfortunately doesn't permit for him to make any other arrangements other than those that have already been organised or that he is committed to.

We are really sorry for the disappointing response and thank you for thinking of him for such a lovely invitation.’

This year we have started our new goal-setting brunch events suitable for both writers and illustrators. These happen twice a month on the first Saturday of the month and also mid-week mid-month. All SCBWI members are welcome to join us. You can come along to both or just one – it is up to you! The next brunches are: Thursday 18th April and Saturday 11th May. (OK this isn’t the first Saturday of the month but, we wanted to avoid the Bank Holiday weekend).

We also hold regular Write-Ins, where writers and illustrators meet to work on their own projects motivated by the presence of other SCBWI members. Our next Write-In is Thursday 18th April at Foyles café, Charing Cross Road from 3pm onwards – before the Undiscovered Voices event.

SCBWI London members will also be meeting up everyday at the London bookfair at the back of the restaurant at the top of the escalator. So if you are attending the London Bookfair please do pop upstairs and say hello.

If you are thinking about joining SCBWI and want to find out more about us you are welcome to join us at one of our socials. Just email london (AT) to let me know.


Anita writes teacher resources, children's illustrated fiction and non-fiction. Her most recent achievement is re-telling a series of fairy tales for BBC AudioGo. The six discs were initially presented as special promotional CDs in the Guardian newspaper throughout the week. The stories were read by Tamsin Greig and Steve Mangan. She has two regular columns in the national magazine Writers’ Forum and has just completed a big commission for Harper Collins writing science teacher resources for the UAE. She is currently doing some consultancy work for Brilliant Publications.


  1. The goal setting brunch was great! I'm so pleased I went, because I have now started WRITING! Good luck to everyone else who was there!

    1. Glad it has motivated you. I always find them very helpful. I like to go to both as I get a writing boost mid-month too. :)

  2. I just love the sound "goal setting brunch". I really feel in need of one of those.

  3. Anita you are a STAR - so much going on.

  4. By the way, do you know what time the UV Foyles event is? It doesn't say on my confirmation email.

    1. It starts at 6:30pm

  5. And what your post doesn't say is that Anita is one of the loveliest people in the whole of SCBWI! Thanks for all your hard work at getting us organised, Anita.

  6. Brunch sounds great... but I can't find the venue & time for the 18th April brunch (though the write-in has that info). eddd from not that far from Thatcham

  7. The event on the 18th April is at Bill's, Covent Garden at 11am. It will be great to see you there.


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