Ten-Minute Blog Break - 23rd April

I always enjoy reading Jan's editorial, and it's fascinating to see how the themes we explore on this site are reflected elsewhere on the SCBWI Blog Network, as members approach the issues in their own distinctive ways.

If Bryony Pearce's heartfelt Words & Pictures article struck a chord with published authors, it was Lorraine Gregory's blog post "Desperation Station" that did the same for the unpublished (among whose ranks I number myself). It's been fascinating to watch Lorraine's growth as a blogger and writer over the last year, and I reckon this is her best post yet.

The blogosphere likes its writing guidance a little more, erm, fast and loose than what we provide on Words & Pictures. Accordingly, Mark Jones weighed in with another awesome slice of advice this week, and even better, he's answering your questions about writing. OK, not actually your questions, but someone's. Probably.

At the edge, they don't do guest blogs the way other sites do. Instead of inviting book blogger Vivienne Dacosta over for a cup of tea and a natter, they broke out the thumbscrews for a YA Interrogation! Actually, I have to admit that I'm not much of a YA expert, so Vivienne's book recommendations are very useful.

Those who like their fairy tales "pitch black, creepily unsettling and deeply affecting" may like to check out Sam Zuppardi's book recommendation. In fact, he enjoyed the book so much that he's started providing his own illustrations!

Elsewhere, there was proof that it isn't only children's writers who have trouble putting away childish things. When I first read the story of the forty-year-old men who have been playing an epic game of "it" for the last 23 years, I imagined what a funny comedy it would make. Well, I wasn't the only one thinking that, because I saw today that Will Ferrell and Jack Black are attached to a film version of the tale. If only I could get the funding for British Bulldog - The Movie...


Nick Cross is a children's writer, blogger and all-round digital guru. In 2010 he was a winner of Undiscovered Voices with his zombie comedy Back from the Dead.
Read Nick's latest blog post Anything for a Laugh?, responding to Celia J. Anderson's Words & Pictures article on Writing Humour for Children.


  1. British Bulldog - The Movie would be EPIC! Gerald Butler screaming, "THIS IS THE PLAYGROUND!" and a romantic subplot involving kiss chase.

  2. I'm not sure American audiences would be able to cope with the violence however. Knock down bulldog at my school was pretty lethal!! (and that was just the girls...;)

    1. Meant to also say thanks to Nick, I appreciate the support!

  3. Thanks Nick, I loved Lorraine's post as much as Bryony's - both with much feeling.


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