Not Seeing the Queen

Had such a busy week. I’ve been up to London three times and not once did I see the Queen but I did see lots of very nice people at The London Book Fair. We’ve had some postcards printed to promote SCBWI and Words & Pictures. I carried an arm-stretching number with me in my best shopping bag on Monday and persuaded every Scoobie I met, to take some. Thank you, lovely people.

After a brief interlude on Tuesday, doing the day job, I was back on Wednesday with a plan. The plan was stick to the red carpet - children’s book stands - and stick to the script -“Hello my name’s Jan. I’m with the SCBWI, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. We have a new blog magazine; it’s called Words & Pictures...” PRESENT CARD “It tells you all about it on the back and there’s a handy QR code…”

As plans go, it was a good one, and a much lighter trip home.

There's loads of pictures
of  #lbf13 but only
this one of my lovely bag.
On Thursday, South West Trains brought me, and some more postcards, back again to see Undiscovered Voices 2014 launched at Foyles. This was after I’d late lunched in the cafe – a very reasonably priced and surprisingly delicious bacon, lentil and cabbage stew. Have you seen the report? If you’ve anything to add please do in the comments.
The closing date
is 29th April

Authors, if you’ve got an idea or WIP for #UV2014 why not test your pitch with agent, Anne Clark, in our Slushpile Challenge

On Friday, I loved how those that knew Jan Ormerod added their memories to Gillian Mclure’s beautiful tribute. It would be lovely to collect some more – did you know Jan or, like Candy’s children, did yours go to sleep with her books? Do they still?

A good conversation is up and running from Wednesday’s feature on what makes children laugh. We know that children laugh at all sorts of silly stuff but when asked, as our contributor, Celia Anderson, did, their first thought is everything toilet. What do you think?

There was news from the South East, an illustrator focus on Nick’s Blog Break, Part 2 of some really TOP tips for authors visiting libraries and the celebrations yesterday sparkled again. But, our most popular post, by page view, this week was Bryony Pearce’s brave and heartfelt account of her second book’s rocky road to publication. If you haven’t already, go read and learn.

So this week coming, with news, celebrations and the blog break, Sara O'Connor will be answering some of your questions in Ask a Publisher. We have the first in a series of features on marketing from Nicky SchmidtSheila’s got another social media video and we have a new featured Illustrator – look out for a shiny new banner and showcase from…

First though, here's the card. If you see me, grab some quick, they're going fast!
 I'm so pleased that Bridget's image is on the front, I hope she likes it.

And... oh yes, new featured illustrator -

you'll have to look in on Friday to find out!
Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is older middle grade, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta.


  1. You've been so busy, Jan! The postcards look great. Some fascinating features in W&P and more to look forward to ...

  2. Jan you have been totally amazing this week and as W&P editor. Thanks for all your hard work. Hope you are finding space for your own writing. can't wait to read about your successes on the celebrations page.

  3. Thank you so much Lesley and Jo, you're very kind xx

  4. I was very sorry to have missed you at LBF but am glad that you got your postcards in time. They do look good!


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