Phew, we haven't missed a day... yet

After all the Internet shenanigans on Saturday, what with ‘large scale DDos attacks’ and a Cyber War going on somewhere in the ether over a server in Sarajevo, I‘m all out of editorial. (For anyone who didn’t try to look in yesterday was down for almost all of Stig’s 50th Birthday due to a server problem.) But hurray, we're back today and on day 69 we haven't missed a day... yet!

It now being June there's new monthly theme and as you can see from Bridget’s beautiful box it’s Festivals, Workshops, Retreats. Later in the month the programme for the Edinburgh Book Festival is published and I’d love to hear from anyone who’s been there or  to Hay, for instance.

A flurry of excitement surrounds The Chalkface Challenge, launched last Sunday; the deadline is two weeks away on 16th June. (Chitra is contacting everyone who entered the Slushpile challenge this week.)

The line of the week goes to David Almond for ‘you have to write stories about Dust and Dirt’ I wonder if Stig’s longevity has something to do with that? Closely followed by Mr Duck for 'I will only read it if you swear you won't get annoyed at anything I say'.

Amazingly, in the midst of the cyber war raging over the server in Sarajevo...

On Tuesday in the Blog Break, Nick had a laugh with Alex Craggs, Wendy Meddour and Jackie Marchant.  On Wednesday, in the only Writing is Rewriting post of the week  (my mistake), I loved Rosemary's liberating challenge to start the rewrite on a fresh page because 'you are freeing yourself from the weight of all those words'. And on Thursday there was a Network News reminder from Gill, Anita Loughrey, Julie Day and Steph about the great idea that is a goal setting brunch/lunch/tea/dinner/supper. Whatever it is, the SCBWI rule seems to be that it must involve food.

Amazingly, in the midst of the cyber war raging over the server in Sarajevo, Kathy managed to get through (heavily armoured I expect) to comment on Teri and Dave's recent successes and Tania's first post as interim Celebrations Editor. This was while I was (and still am) sunning myself in Swanage...
You really don't want to see me sunning myself.

If you didn't manage it before the site went down yesterday, do check out Paul's beautiful appreciation of Stig of the Dump and give Teri and Dave the hearty pats on the back they deserve.

Next week we're looking forward to some retreat style inspiration from K.M. Lockwood, answers from agents Gemma Cooper and Molly Ker Hawn and the Friday Illustration Feature: Anna Violet interviews  Helen Stephens.

Ooh... I wasn't so out of editorial as I thought.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend too and fingers crossed we make it past 10:30 this morning,
Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is older middle grade, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta.


  1. Phew what a drama! Glad you're back! Love your editorials, Jan... Keep up the stunning work!

  2. So glad to see Words and Pictures back again! I hope that it wasn't too stressful an experience.

  3. Thank you Candy and Amanda.
    Not too stressful but I do find I'm becoming slightly obsessive!
    and pedantic...
    When I wrote this, we'd been going for 69 complete days but Sunday 2nd June was actually our 70th day.


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