Ten-Minute Blog Break - 4th June

When Jan posted at the weekend that we hadn't missed a day on Words & Pictures yet, I instantly began to worry that it would be me who left us without content for 24 hours! Luckily, you've all been blogging up a storm as usual...

Rosie Best is still skulking around and still blogging (though she will have to work on her post titles). In the catchily named Things and Stuff #4, Rosie serves up a couple of great links that delve into the reasons behind John Green's recent success, talks about her appearance on The One Show, shows us some awesome nail varnish and points us towards a cool webcomic. Actually, I don't know what title would have linked all that together, though maybe you could suggest one in the comments section.

On the Demention blog, Claire Merle discusses false starts and the slightly mysterious process that is Finding Your Voice. As Claire says, "There’s nothing more magical than running after a story, trying to keep up with it, rather than pulling it along behind you" and she gives some tips to help writers achieve that state of bliss.

Meanwhile, over at the edge, Sara Grant is revisiting her youth, but with an eye to the future. How, her blog asks, can writers keep up with the youth of today when the teenage world evolves and changes at such an accelerated rate? (Readers are warned that part of the answer involves going to a One Direction concert). The blog also features a photo of Sara from 1986 that suggests she used to be a part-time fire-fighter and always looked much cooler than me, even back then.

Sneaking in as a late addition, is Emma Greenwood's wonderfully indiscreet post on Notes from the Slushpile. Emma compares Imogen Cooper to Steve Irwin, talks about nipples on a polite blog and generally gives some fine advice about not holding your characters to the same moral standards you might wish to follow. Sadly for me, it seems that Emma was also a much, much cooler teenager than I was.

There's usually nothing worse than having to sit through a slideshow of other people's holiday snaps, but over at Big Little Tales, Katriona Chapman shares some evocative sketches from her Scottish jaunt that are well worth checking out. Sam Zuppardi isn't sharing any illustrations this week, but he has just been inducted into an online database for authors and illustrators with unusual surnames. Who knew?


Nick Cross is a children's writer, blogger and all-round digital guru. In 2010 he was a winner of Undiscovered Voices with his zombie comedy Back from the Dead.
Read Nick's latest blog post, in which he talks about The Book as Object, and how its role is changing in the digital age.


  1. I look forward to these round-ups now. I've already caught a couple of the blogs but hadn't heard of the others. Great work as always Nick!

  2. Thanks Nick, you're a star!

  3. Thanks, Nick. Definitely off for a browse.

  4. Thanks for the mention Nick! I do love these posts.

    Things and Stuff isn't very catchy is it? It's a grab-bag of things I've been thinking about in the week with generally no linking theme - just so I make myself post something every single week! The title does the job, but I should perhaps have a sentence about that at the start of each edition for any new, confused readers :)


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