Social Sheila Video: watch those Twitter mentions

By Sheila Averbuch

In my latest installment of how-to videos for writers new to Twitter, I'm looking at "mentions."

A mention is any tweet that includes another person's Twitter identity, and is a good way for you to start building relationships on this social media platform.

A few things to remember about mentions:
  • Twitter will not automatically e-mail you whenever you are mentioned
  • There is a dedicated part of the Twitter website that lets you keep an eye on mentions
  • Mentions may even help bring you to the attention of influencers (writers, publishers, agents), but don't overdo it 
Mentions may even help bring you to the attention of influencers (writers, publishers, agents), but don't overdo it 
Click the bull's-eye icon below to view this video in full size. Thanks to Celia Rees for being an unwitting guinea pig in my video today!

Do you have a suggestion for another social media how-to video you'd like to see? Just email me at

Sheila Averbuch lives in East Lothian in Scotland and is currently working on SPACE KIDS AND THE SPY FROM PLANET 12, a sci-fi adventure for 9-11's. She holds an MA in journalism from Stanford University and a BA from Harvard University in American History & Literature. Sheila is managing director of the content services and social media training agency ENNclick and blogs at


  1. Just noticed one of my tweets to you under your connections :-). Am going to check my settings - very good advice.

  2. Thanks Amanda! I'm keen to get suggestions about other social videos people would like to see. Can you make any suggestions? If so let me know! E-mail

  3. Celia J Anderson24 June 2013 at 15:46

    You don't know how much I appreciate this, as someone who has been blindly collecting followers but then has no idea how to get to the next stage of Twitter! Thanks so much, Sheila, will visit Spacekids later,

    1. Oh Celia thanks!! What are you writing about at the moment? (email me if it's secret) and I can maybe send you a few Twitter tips?

  4. Sheila, I always learn something new from you!

  5. A really useful and user-friendly video. Thanks Sheila!


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