Another UV success story - our very own Mel signs with an agent!

This week we’re extra-special thrilled to celebrate the good news from our lovely joint features editor, Mel Rogerson. Mel won a UV 2012 Honorary Mention with the opening of her novel Breakwater and she just signed with... drumroll please... Tom Witcomb of the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency!

Mel's been writing ever since her short story, 'The Sandals and the Unsuspected Witch' was published in the Puffin Post when she was twelve years old. For many years, she wrote for fun - starting countless novels that were never finished, but after she moved from London back to the Peak District in 2008, she decided to take her writing more seriously. Mel joined online forums, read books on the art of story and finally completed her very first novel, The Moonlocket, which was longlisted in the 2011 Times/Chicken House Competition. Keen to improve The Moonlocket, Mel commissioned an editorial report from Cornerstones and became a member of SCBWI. The advice she received was invaluable and encouraged her to start a new YA manuscript, Breakwater. Working with several critique partners, she learned lots more, and was thrilled when the opening of Breakwater received an honorary mention in the 2012 Undiscovered Voices Anthology. Motivated by Breakwater's success, Mel continued to work on the manuscript on and off during 2012. She then began to submit it to agents in mid 2013 and was delighted to sign with Tom Witcomb at the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency a few months later. 

Mel says "My number one aim is to write books that people will enjoy reading and that's not as easy as it looks! Being a SCBWI member has been an essential part of the learning process - everyone has been so helpful and willing to share constructive advice. I'd recommend joining to anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level."

"She's a font of marvellous ideas - and a great person to boot!"

Tom Witcomb says: "I loved Breakwater from the get-go. Mel wrote a great pitch letter, which gave me all the information I needed, holding enough back to keep me intrigued. Her synopsis was a one-page, succinct account which covered everything that was important, and the sample chapters really showcased Mel’s talent. There’s a strong thriller element to Breakwater, a far-cry from the usual clichéd romance plots so often associated with paranormal teen fiction and that really drew me in. Hannah was the perfect lead as well: shy at first, fallible, certainly, but lionhearted! And then, of course, when I started talking to Mel about the trilogy, and her future writing plans, I fell in love all over again – she’s a font of marvellous ideas – and a great person to boot." 

 Hear hear! And now let’s raise our glasses and wish Mel congratulations and every success for the future!

Tania Tay is an ex-advertising copywriter and has been published in Sable LitMag. She is currently writing a YA romantic thriller, and is on the editorial team at Words & Pictures.


  1. Brilliant news Mel! Great to see your perseverance pay off! Looking forward to reading Breakwater.

  2. Great news, Mel. Very best of luck with Breakwater.

  3. Congratulations Mel, that's wonderful news!

  4. Brilliant, Mel! As much as perseverance, this is focus and a really good lesson for me: Many, many congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Mel. Experiencing success in Puffin Post first is especially inspiring isn't it? Here's to further success in the future.

  6. Fantastic, Mel! Huge congratulations!

  7. Wonderful news. I'm sure there'll be more to follow soon.

  8. Well done Mel. Fantastic news. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  9. Thanks so much for your good wishes everyone!! You're an excellent bunch!

  10. Hurrah hurrah hurrah! Congratulations, Mel! x


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