Conference manuscript reviews – meet the gatekeepers!

How often can you look an editor or agent in the eye and talk seriously about how your work can be improved for a whole fifteen minutes?

How often do you get the chance do find out what's really needed to make your story marketable? How often does this happen? Hen's teeth! It's once a year – at SCBWI Winchester!

Here's what some people would probably say if I asked them:

  • 'Unmissable chance to meet the people who matter!'
  • 'The advice given was personal and precisely what I needed to improve my chances of publication!'
  • 'I love one-to-one manuscript reviews!'

Writers, you have until the 30th September to scrub up that manuscript, polish that story and grab your chance to submit direct to a gatekeeper. 

What do you mean, you haven’t registered for the conference, yet? Take that chance!

And if you’re an illustrator, even better! You’ve got AGES to polish your portfolio!

The Portfolio Reviews are a rare and unique opportunity to present your portfolio to an agent or art director without negotiating the dreaded slush pile. You get to talk directly to the professionals who will look at your style, individual pieces and the portfolio as a whole plus feedback with suggestions on what to work on to improve, your presentation and advise you on Marketability. 

Illustrators, you have until November 1st to book your place. 

What’s stopping you? Grab your place at the conference and get your work seen! 

You never know what might happen…

Addy                         Sally
Star Volunteers, Addy Farmer and Sally Poyton are organising this year's 121 Portfolio and Manuscript reviews. If you have already booked but would now like to add a 121 to your booking, please email

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  1. Mega thanks to Addy & Sally for organising this. Must be a huge task. My envelope posted today. Excited already.


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