Nick Cook rides the clouds to success

Hearts, flowers and chocolates galore go to SCBWI debut author Nick Cook this week, as we celebrate his deal with Three Hares Publishing. His novel Cloud Riders is the first in a YA trilogy to be published on 1st May 2014.

Nick signed with his agent Eve White in 2012. He says “It’s taken little over a year since signing with Eve to securing a publishing deal. It’s a journey that I haven’t spoken much about in public before, because there’s been so many highs and lows, false dawns and crushing disappointments. But I have to say, being able to announce the publishing agreement with Three Hares has, without doubt, been one of the best moments of my life. The idea that at last I’ll soon have an audience for my work still seems like a dream – but like they say, dreams do sometimes come true.”

When the first twister in months appears from nowhere and an airship emerges from the spout, Dom’s world is turned upside down. The ship's pilots are explorers who make Dom an offer beyond his imagination. But the pilots are hiding a terrible secret. Can Dom uncover the truth and make the right decision before everything he cares for is destroyed? 

Nick’s publisher, Yasmin Standen of Three Hares Publishing says: “Every now and then a book comes along that grabs hold of you and you cannot put it down, you find yourself thinking about it all the time. Cloud Riders is that book. I fell in love with Dom's voice, I think a part of me fell in love with Dom! Cloud Riders is a fast paced steampunk adventure and an emotional roller coaster ride all in one. I am waiting with bated breath for book two! Three Hares is delighted to have acquired this superb trilogy.”

So how did Nick's journey to the clouds begin?

After completing his degree in sculpture back in 1985, rather than face the artist’s traditional garret Nick took the plunge into the emerging computer games industry. For something that was meant to be a brief detour, it became a way of life. For more than 21 years he worked as a graphic artist and creative director, helping to create over forty published titles, including many chart-topping hits.

As fascinating and intoxicating as it was, increasingly a little voice kept nagging away at the back of his head. At the end of 2006 he finally gave into it and was ready to pursue his other passion - writing - as a full time career. So, on a chilly December morning, he started scribbling in earnest. His latest manuscript is Cloud Riders, a tale set in Tornado Alley where twisters are a way of life. Then one day a tornado hits and a strange airship emerges from the spout…

Nick has a passion for science and astronomy, often blogging about the latest mind-blowing discoveries made in quantum physics. He once even solo-ed a light aircraft, an experience he’s tapping into now for Cloud Riders. Not needing any excuse to travel, he recently completed a writing research trip to the volcanic landscape of Iceland and is starting to wonder whether he should set his next book somewhere slightly warmer like the Bahamas.

You can follow his ramblings on his blog and watch the first in a three-part trailer for Cloud Riders. So sit back, crack open the bubbly and join me in wishing Nick a huge congratulations!

Tania Tay is an ex-advertising copywriter and has been published in Sable LitMag. She is currently writing a YA romantic thriller, is a member of The Golden Egg Academy and is on the editorial team at Words & Pictures.


  1. Congratulations Nick!
    Cloud Riders sounds intriguing and brilliant that it's only a few months to wait before it's out!

  2. Great news, Nick. Congratulations. A real tale of tenacity to inspire us all. Looking forward to the first instalment.

  3. Bravo, Mr Cook! Looking forward to actually reading the book now, after the saga that was getting it to publication.


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