Pop Ups: Part One

Ed's note: A post from SCBWI BI's Illustrators' blog 2010, very much worth rerunning here as a prelude to Trish Phillipsnew pop up post next month. Over to Trish...

As Pop-up books are a little different, I thought it might be interesting to show a bit of the process which goes through many stages, here is a very condensed version of events!

First, an A6 sized dummy of 8 spreads, each showing different pop action with a rough idea of text and position.

Ongoing character sketches throughout, as are the text revisions.

Many changes to address problems (here cutting down from 6 layers to 1 by using a different method), and working up to full size which is approx 240mm w x 260mm h.

More sketches, finalising the finished page layouts and adding swatches to each spread for the colour.

Working from the finished white dummy, templates are made up by the publisher with tab, fold and cut lines which are used as a guide for artwork (each one needs a corresponding coloured back to be painted also) with large bleed just in case.

Having agreed on final designs and colour, here is the full sized background of the penultimate spread: a hungry, faceless bear!

The final product - the penultimate spread of the published book published by Caterpillar Books.

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