Chained to the Kitchen Table

The sky is grey and raindrops are splashing on the patio so the best place to be is here at the kitchen table or scoffing meatballs in the IKEA restaurant. Strange what appears really attractive when you're chained to the table until you've finished telling everyone what they may have missed this week and what's on offer for next.

Being chained makes me think of the ghastliness that is Game of Thrones of which I've now seen three episodes. As you can tell I'm not a fan but watched as it was daughter's takeaway viewing of choice on her birthday last Friday. Fully expected Twitter following to plummet after that revelation - but it's passed harmlessly... so far.

Earlier, I did have some writery angst and was on the point of confessing my deepest darkest secret for some catharsis but came to my senses just in time. You'll have to wait until I'm really desperate for that. (Or enough people ask me.)

Anyway, Last week...

Philippa inspired me on MONDAY with her Jiggety-Jig - just love that title and and I was so inspired I made a link in that long list in the left margin, of all Philippa's Inspiration pieces - a great place to go when the ideas won't come.
Nick's TUESDAY blogs were well up to scratch but taking on his blogmantle for a moment, I have to send you to his graph of writerly emotion - it's lots of lols.
WEDNESDAY's World Book Night or Word Book Night came and went - did you spot that one? Yet again, I am thankful for the wonders of the Internet.
My typo ridden day was followed on THURSDAY by a writer's view of a Manchester Scrawlcrawl from Gill with a great idea for story generation.
On FRIDAY, we welcomed new featured illustrator Jaime Stevenson and her wonderfully warm illustration. Go to Jaime's gallery for a close up on her lovely family of needle-felted creatures.
And SATURDAY it was Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! for Candy, Teri and Elizabeth our UK and Ireland Crystal Kite Shortlisters.

Next week...

  • We have a Q and A with author Robert Paul Weston, who's delivering the London Author Masterclass on Fantasy Writing for Young Readers on 17th May.
  • To round off our marketing month we have the making of Sam Osman Chasing the Dark book trailer from Sandra Greaves.
  • Paul Morton will be doing another of his practical illustrator 'how-to's on Photoshop Brushes.

And finally...

Wednesday April 30th has two very important deadlines:


DO NOT miss the opportunity to make Penny Holroyde laugh.



Not voted yet for the Crystal Kite? You have until Wednesday - but why not do it NOW! Log in to your home page on and vote from there.

Have a great week!

Jan Carr

I'm not really chained to the kitchen table, that would be silly. I'm locked in the stockroom upstairs. Help!

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is all over the place, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta. You can contact her at


  1. A secret deeper and darker than not liking Game of Thrones? I'm intrigued ;-)

    Mind you, I had to finally admit defeat with Breaking Bad the other day - it's just too grim for me. For some reason, medieval torture I can handle, but a modern day slide into moral oblivion is much harder to stomach.

  2. Interesting - I really like Breaking Bad but can't deal with Game of Thrones!


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