Ten-Minute Blog Break - 15th April

Your erstwhile Blog-Breaker, Nick Cross, has decided to skive off for the week, and I’m here in his stead. It’s only a small change really, we’re just adding a “Y”– Nick for Nicky… I was a little concerned that it might be a quiet week on the blogs, with little to give you in your ten minute blog break, but I’m delighted to see that our stalwart SCBWI bloggers are blogging diligently.

Who doesn’t love a competition and the possibilities that come with it? Ewa Jozefkowicz has kindly done all us children’s writers a good turn by creating a record of all the competitions  coming up over the next 12 months in the children’s book genre. So far there are nine competitions listed – if you know of more, do let Ewa know in the comments section of her blog.

Anna Violet posted to Words & Pictures last week  about the sketchcrawl in Manchester led by Lynne Chapman. In her own blog, Lynne reveals her experience of leading the sketchcrawl . And gives you the lowdown on what she keeps in her kit bag to illustrating the post with stunning sketches done during the course of the day.

Old books and particularly old picture books hold many evocative memories. Paeony Lewis, faced with a house move, blogs about which books she decided to throw out and which to keep and why. Have you held onto old picture books from your childhood – and if so, which ones?

Some of you may have noticed that there’s been a thing called a Writing Process Blog tour doing the rounds of the blogosphere. The tour has been a fascinating insight into the writing process of so many writers. The striking thing that comes through is that there is no right or wrong way to write, only “your” way. Take a look and see how Kathy Evans, Sue Hyams and Larissa Villar Hauser  set about their writing.

And finally, I couldn’t possibly do Nick Cross’ column for him, without taking a look at his own blog post for the week. This week Nick, in inimitable style, considers how important it is for writers to get a firm grip on their ambition so that they’re able to creatively realign themselves to a realistic vision. As he so wisely says, madness is the way for those too focused on the market.


SCBWI-BI “member abroad”, Nicky Schmidt  is an ex scriptwriter, copywriter, and marketing, brand and communications director who "retired" early to follow a dream. Although she still occasionally consults on marketing, communications and brand strategies, mostly she writes YA fiction (some of which leans towards New Adult) in the magical realism and supernatural genres. When not off in some other world, Nicky also writes freelance articles - mostly lifestyle and travel - for which she does her own photography. Her work has been published in several South African magazines and newspapers. As well as being a regular feature writer for Words & Pictures, Nicky also runs the SCBWI-BI YA e-critique group. Nicky lives in Cape Town with her husband and two rescue Golden Retrievers.


  1. An excellent collection! Thanks, Nicky!

  2. Great blog and I loved to read your bio - you're quite the fascinating lady Nicky.

  3. Thank you Nick and Sue for providing wonderful material!
    And thank you Danl!


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