Events: What’s not to love?

A big Words & Pictures welcome to our new ARA, Stephanie McGregor! Steph has a special responsibility to oversee our events all over the British Isles - no mean feat. Here she is to introduce a new monthly feature posting on Thursdays which will highlight events coming up across the country in the following month.
Over to Steph…

As the newly appointed Assistant Regional Adviser - Events, SCBWI, I oversee all things events related for the British Isles. My philosophy is: the more you know the more you grow.

Since joining SCBWI in 2008, I have learned that becoming (and staying) successful in this industry means you have to prioritize the time needed to hone your craft. After past experience being an ARA, and last year’s hugely successful endeavor of running my own writers’ events company, I jumped at the chance to apply for the ARA Events position for the British Isles region.

As a member, I have always enjoyed going to workshops, classes, parties, and conferences ran by SCBWI. I can see how much my writing has improved from my very first (aka terrible) novel, to the work I’m doing now on my soon to be seventh novel. Without the hard work that was put forth by previous volunteers I would never have moved forward in my own writing career, and the thought of being a part of that process for other people is truly inspiring.

With over 700 members in the UK (and over 22,000 worldwide), there is something for everyone. Please do take a look at our EVENTS PAGE, where you can find all the details including how to book.

Some amazing events coming up for the month of May are:

 Writers' Retreat
Dunford House, West Sussex
with E. Wein and Bryony Woods
9th May to 12th May 2014

Speakers will be the multi-award winning author of Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire, Elizabeth Wein, and agent Bryony Woods, a rising star in the book trade by the Bookseller. One to ones with speakers will also be available.

SCBWI & Lincoln Inspired present...  
How to Get Your Teen Novel Published
with Non Pratt and Emily Sharratt
10th May 2014

Come and join experienced editors Non Pratt and Emily Sharratt as they discuss the state of the teen market in the publishing industry and give advice on ways to make your teen novel stand out in this competitive market place. This event is part of the Lincoln Inspired Festival of Literature, Performance and Art.

Author Masterclass
Fantasy Writing for Young Readers
with Robert Paul Weston
17th May 2014

In this workshop, you’ll learn the techniques that make writing fantasy for youth challenging as well as rewarding. World-building, premises, characterisation, and the discrete aspects of craft will be discussed with Robert Paul Weston.

Stephanie McGregor is a Young Adult and Middle Grade novelist. Originally from Ohio, she now lives in Scotland where she spends her days writing about teen angst, and horrific happenings. Her work is currently being represented by Helen Bryant.


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