Books are now Bound!

Let glasses chink and bubbles of whatever your tipple may be, fizz…

It's many, many congratulations to Sara, Sara, Karen and Jasmine for a wonderfully successful first Book Bound Retreat!

Two years in the planning, Book Bounders - Sara O'Connor, Sara Grant, Karen Ball and Jasmine Richards welcomed twenty four writers to Oxon Hoath Manor House in Kent for a weekend of intensive guidance, creativity, drama and comedy. The drama of a simulated acquisitions meeting was riveting and yes, comedy too - Sara Grant's portrayal of  Author Behaving Badly was Baftastic!

The 'book bound'
photo with kind permission from Harry Ball-Weber.

I asked the 'book bound' what Book Bound has given them and how they felt about it.
Here's what they said:
"BB has given me new ways of looking at a manuscript at every stage, and a huge surge of creative energy." Sue Wallman

"Great advice, great company and great inspiration" George Poles

"I'm struggling to put into words just how much I gained from this course. It has changed my whole writing outlook and given me the confidence to finally believe in my writing ability." Vivienne Dacosta

"It was a brilliant weekend in so many different ways. Perhaps most valuably it gave me an objective understanding of the book I've written and the confidence to make it better and then send it off to agents!" Emma Bayley

"The workshops were intense and hugely useful, the Mock Acquisitions Meeting and the Author Behaving Badly skits were hilarious as well as giving us an insight into how things work in the publishing industry." Tania Tay

"High-calibre, immersive weekend packed with expert advice and great people. Couldn't recommend the next one more highly." Rowena House

"I needed to get my writing back on track. The Book Bound Retreat not only gave me direction, but inspiration, motivation, and confidence." Sue Hyams

"Book Bound gave me revision tools, an objective look at my MS, taught me how to pitch and introduced me to a network of talented (and lovely) writers." Sarah Baker

"What they gave us in two words: warmth and wisdom." Linda Lawlor

"I had a decent MS, and this retreat gave me the tools to turn it into a good book. I also met so many wonderful people, and I hope I get to read their good books soon!" Kathryne Alfred del Sesto

The Book Bound workshops were intensive and provided the opportunity to work on your own manuscript in small groups with like-minded people. This has given me the inspiration and tools to tackle my WIP with renewed vigour and stamina. I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Anita 'Loughrey

BookBound gave me a huge epiphany: when you finish your first draft of your manuscript, if it's a promising concept, it's like a radio station badly tuned in. A great editor helps you tune it in, and then turn it up! Sheila Averbuch 

For Vivienne Dacosta's review of the weekend go to

"It's always brilliant to connect with other people in love with a good story and for me, it was wonderful to meet the fab four in real life. I was so struck by their generosity and energy; I really felt that they wanted me to succeed as much as I do. Jan Carr

Next Book Bound Retreat at Oxon Hoath
is set for June 17-19, 2016. 
Stay tuned for a series of one-day workshops later in 2014 through 2015.
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  1. An amazing weekend - brilliant workshops and advice, and great company!

  2. Felt lucky to be a part of all this. And to connect with others on the course. And to be somewhere where there were edible flowers in the salad...

  3. Oh how I wish we were still there!

  4. Glad you all had a fabulous time. Though of course, you missed a rather lovely weekend at the SCBWI retreat...


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