Zuppardi’s cooking up a storm!

Words and Pictures is thrilled to welcome back Sam Zuppardi to the celebrations page! Sam, the illustrator of the middle grade series ‘The Misadventures of Edgar and Allan Poe' and the picture book, 'The Nowhere Box,' is back with the second book in Gordon McAlpine’s trilogy and a new and interesting illustrated venture.

May sees the release of ‘Stormy Weather’ - a board game of mad science, weather control and gardening with art and design by our very own talented SCBWI comrade.

Stormy weather is a board game for 2-players, which is launching on Kickstarter this month. It's about mad scientists who go head-to-head to control the weather in ever more chaotic ways in a bid to win a gardening competition.

Sam tells us more about it;

“Stormy Weather tells the story of two scientists who have had enough of holding the world to ransom. They just want quiet relaxation - a spot of light gardening in one of the prettiest villages in Transylvania. All was going well, until they both learnt that the Transylvania in Bloom trophy was only a few weeks off, and now both are determined to prove themselves the greatest gardener in the village. There's only one way to settle this - SCIENCE!!!”

Featuring wellington boots, weather machines, and psychopathic birds, to find out more about Stormy Weather, visit www.stormyweathergame.com, where you can also find the instructions on how to get a print-and-play trial version.

“For those of you that haven't heard of kick starter, the more people who sign up for a copy, the closer the dream is to a reality. This project will only be funded if at least £12,500 is raised. Time is limited, you have until 7 2014 3:57 PM to pledge. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1719645886/stormy-weatherhttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1719645886/stormy-weather.”.”

Not that we needed a second excuse to bring out the cake, but 'Upon a Midnight Eerie: Book 2 of The Misadventures of Edgar and Allan Poe' by McAlpine is out now, illustrated by Sam. It's the second book in a trilogy, 'Misadventures of Edgar and Allan Poe' published by Viking Children's Books and it involves the further adventures of the Poe twins, the great great great grand-nephews of Edgar Allan Poe. This one is set in New Orleans and features ghosts and pirate treasure!

Sam lives in York, where he likes to draw and create stories. To find out more about Sam and his works please have a browse of the site www.samzuppardi.com.

Clare Welsh joined SCBWI in February 2013 after her marriage to her lovely husband James was under threat from constant chunterings, questions and readings aloud over the football. She is thoroughly enjoying all that SCBWI has to offer, including helping Tania celebrating SCBWI successes, and is pleased that her marriage is still firmly intact.

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  1. Congratulations Sam - I've seen your posts on Stormy weather and I love the contraptions - it looks lots of fun good luck!


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