Huzzah for a New Publishing Company with a Difference...

Jan Carr & Lorraine Gregory
Daring to be different - isn't that the essence of 'indie'? Three Hares Books officially launched on Tuesday 20th May and on the last day of our Everything Indie month we're delighted to congratulate new publishers Helen Bryant (nee Corner) and Yasmin Standen on their new and innovative publishing company.

Helen of Cornerstones Literary Consultancy and Yasmin of The Standen Literary Agency have come together because they both want to publish books that move the reader. Their approach allows them to take a chance on first-time writers, hit the market with books at a greater speed, and explore fresh areas. Over the coming year, they'll be releasing a whole host of original adult, young adult, and children’s fiction. They are embracing ebooks alongside print books, with more author involvement in the process.

Yasmin explains:
“In creating Three Hares we have embraced technological advances in publishing - ebook sales are soaring, but print books remain a staple for many, which is why we are publishing both.”

Yasmin and Helen

The Debut Authors with their publishers

Their first batch of books!

Three Hares have dispensed with the usual genres and have created the 'mood bar'. Choices such as  'Crush curious' 'Teen Wild' and 'Feeling blue and want to wallow' cross age bands with the intention of offering readers books that match their feelings on a particular day. Ebooks make that instant mood gratification a reality.

Helen says:
“Three Hares is about quality, speed and delivery. We operate in a low risk, high return way so it's exciting what we can do for our authors, as well as bringing fresh voices to the consumer.”

Two of those fresh voices are of course SCBWI members Christina Banach and Nick Cook. Print copies of Minty and Cloud Riders looked and felt wonderful from the cover designs by creative director Jennie Rawlings to the ever so slightly velvety feel to the board - well worth a double, digital and print, investment.

Nick and Christina with Katherine Price of Cornerstones' 'Kids'  Corner'
Nick and Yasmin
Helen and Christina
Helen and Yasmin are actively seeking new voices.

Check their submission guidelines.

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is all over the place, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta. You can contact her at

Lorraine Gregory has been writing fantasy adventure books aimed at middle-grade boys for the last three years. She's been a chef and a restaurant manager and now works from home as an Antenatal Teacher. She belongs to the Words & Pictures Team and helps to bring joy to our Saturday Celebrations' posts


  1. Congrats to all your authors, and very best of luck with your exciting venture, Yasmin and Helen. We live in interesting times!

  2. Mood bar - what a great way to find a book - I'd go for the Spine Tingler, or the Heart and Soul, or the Curl Up With A Damn Good Book - congratulations on an exciting new list!

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