Blow Your Own Trumpet!

...or trombone!
Last year Nick said.... 

"We do have the Celebrations column on Words & Pictures, but what about a celebrations forum for lesser achievements – finishing a book say, or even a particularly difficult chapter?" 

So here it is…


Writers and illustrators please tell us in the comments about anything that during the last month has made you go 'yippee!' or 'I'm really pleased with myself' or 'aahh I feel good about that'.

For this post, relaxing our self promotion guideline a little, we want you to shout about your achievements that may not yet have the external affirmation we all long for but nevertheless are achievements and should be commended.

So go on, Blow Your Own Trumpet and we'll be all smiles for you!

Over to you....


  1. I'll start:) I'm quite pleased with myself for The Chalkface Challenge. It gives me the warm fuzzies when I hear how people, young and less young, have enjoyed taking part. I'm so grateful to the children, their teachers, the authors and the the industry professionals who've all joined in and contributed. Very excited about posting the shadow results I've received so far tomorrow:)

  2. Nice work Jan :-) Me next! I started a non-profit Kickstarter project to give 1000 free copies of my picture book to UK schools, libraries & children 4 days ago and I have already reached 69% of my 30 day goal! I won't post a link as not sure if allowed but if anyone would like to help spread the word just search 'Greedy Fish' on the Kickstarter website! Soooo pleased and very excited! Thanks for this opportunity to share.

    1. That kind of initiative and energy is brilliant Dennis! Have you shared it in the FB Group. Would love to here how it goes thank you for checkong re link and as it's a Blow Your own Trumpet day please do post the link here:)

  3. Thank you Jan here goes then!
    Here is the kids literacy project link with a 1m40s video explaining far better than me typing: All website/FB info is there also or click on my name above this post to see who I am and some promo illustrations! Have a great weekend all :-)

  4. Quick update - I have had a couple of SCBWI members support my project as a result of the links above and this brilliant feature, thank you so much Jan and the rest of the team :-)


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