Ten-Minute Blog Break - 29th July

Hello there - a new voice on your Ten-Minute Blog break this week: Nick Cross has mysteriously transmogrified into a Yorkshire lass. The blog posts that caught my imagination all feature creativity - an essential for all of us.

First off, I present to you the joyous colours of the Dream Football Kits featured on Dave Cousin's blog. Young people are so free with their design work. Someone really should make these.

I suggest you follow this with Layn Marlow's visit to the Pencil Museum - it's full of unexpected uses for pencils, cake and splendid vocabulary for us not-professional-artists. Unsurprisingly, some pretty cool images too.

Then have a look at how illustrator  Heather Kilgour has speeded up her work - only to find new outlets for her creativity - or possibly a smidge of procrastination? I love how the layers all work - but combine to make something so intense - like the best writing.

Sam Zuppardi certainly used his time creatively at Scarcroft School - I hope you enjoy his results as much as I did [and get the reference to one of the best school tales ever written].

Finally - and before you think I am an illustrator manquée - read our own Nick Cross's piece on Writing Flash Fiction. It's a practical guide to using up all those scraps and offcuts of creative ideas we writers have stashed away.

Now inspired by all these ideas, I'd better get on on with creating myself . Nick will be back next week.

K. M. Lockwood is a writing name of Philippa R. Francis. As well as being a regular contributor, Philippa (@lockwoodwriter) is also part of the Words & Pictures team as the @Words8Pictures Tweetmaster, growing our following and maintaining our 'Industry news' feed.


  1. Thank you Philippa - good picks! Arty and practical - yum

  2. Thanks, Philippa - I managed to get online long enough to read this! I shall return to my holiday now...

  3. Another fantastic collection! Wonderful images too.


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