Small Big Celebrations: David Fennell

David Fennell signs with an agent!

In 2014 I attended the SCBWI retreat and wrote the first chapter of my YA spy adventure, Sleeper. I completed it almost one year later with six drafts under my belt.

I pitched it last month to David H Headley of the DHH Literary Agency. He was interested and asked me to meet with him and another agent colleague to discuss it further. The day after he asked to represent me. I have now signed with him as my agent. It was so unexpected, but I am delighted.


  1. Davy and I did our MA together and I know this will be a cracking read. It's such good news when not only a great book finds an audience but that writer and agent are well-suited.

    1. Thanks Suzie. I got very lucky with David. The redraft begins in September. Roll on Sleeper and roll on Book of Bera!
      Davy xx

  2. Brilliant news. Looking forward to reading it. I like a spy adventure!

  3. Thank you Eleanor! David

  4. Congartulations David!

  5. Bravo! I remember the little snippet you read for us at the retreat, and it was compelling! Can't wait to read the finished book! :)

  6. Awesome news and we'll be getting a few shipped to St Lucia when they are released! Dx


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