Ten-Minute Blog Break - 18th August

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Tick tock, tick tock - the Ten-Minute Blog Break waits for no-one, least of all me! So at the end of a very busy Monday at work, I find myself scrabbling to get these last few words on the page. I really hope I don't run out of time to finish this sente...

Miriam Halahmy has been just as busy as me this week, posting for a couple of different sites. On Awfully Big Blog Adventure, Miriam highlights the fact that many asylum seekers are children and discusses how young immigrants enrich the societies they settle in. Meanwhile, at The Edge, Miriam is taking on a very different kind of problem - those ubiquitous lists of "must-read" books that threaten to turn the reading experience into a game of one-upmanship.

Sally Poyton is another busy bee, so busy in fact that her latest post is a kind of mea culpa for not having blogged much recently! But when you read about how much work Sally's been putting in with her agent to get her manuscript ready for submission, I think you'll forgive her.

K.M. Lockwood is thinking about weather, in a delightful post that explores how climactic conditions can be used to enrich storytelling.

I'm always glad to find out about other people writing short stories for children, and although I've already met SCBWI member Morag Caunt, her interview on Christina Banach's blog is a way for all of us to get better acquainted. Morag talks about her gritty short fiction for reluctant readers and the real-life teenagers that inspire it.

Finally, there seems to have been a sudden outbreak of poetry this week (by no means a bad thing). Olivia Bright has taken the novel approach of writing her own biography in verse, while Candy Gourlay sharpens her axe and exhumes a 2013 post about killing her darlings. Fictional characters beware!


Nick Cross is an Undiscovered Voices winner and has recently received the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award, for his short story The Last Typewriter.

Click here to read Nick's latest blog post for Notes from the Slushpile. His brand new children's short story The Drowners can be found in issue 9 of Stew Magazine.


  1. Thank you for the mention Nick!

  2. Lovely Nick - always great to be part of this roundup.

  3. Thanks for including me Nick.

  4. Thanks for this great write-up Paul - helped a bit to make up for not being there this year!

  5. How did I just spend almost half an hour reading through blog posts as a result of this "ten minute" blog break? XD Thanks for grabbing a lot of authors and blogs I should be aware of and posting about them all at once! Congratulations on getting Drowners into print and winning the MMA...that's quite impressive!

    1. Thanks, Audrey. I'm aware that the ten minutes can be a bit flexible sometimes!


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