What not to say

My eye has been caught recently by the twitter hashtag #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter 
triggered by Joanne Harris. 
Here follows a selection of the ones that I thought resonated most ...

Being a writer can expose you to an extraordinary range of personal questions people wouldn't dream of asking if you were doing a 'real job'. There's something of suddenly feeling like the weird exhibit at the circus, when you say you're a writer or an illustrator. Those 'on the outside' have an apparent and total awareness failure, and will come out with gems such as:

Can I look through your sketchbook?

You should draw me!

What are you writing? Can I see?

Are you published?

I thought about writing a book once.

What do you write about?

And so it was no small wonder to see what happened when Joanne Harris tweeted:

These then followed:

If nothing else, the trend has purged writers of their frustrations, most wonderfully.

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