Open Sketchbooks (part 2)

Sketchbook of Frida Kahlo
In a further selection of illustrator sketchbooks for this month, SCBWI members have been working on everything from leopards to lions and everything in-between!

Here are some more peeks into the pages of SCBWI members' sketchbooks!

Sketching is one of the most rewarding activities illustrators can undertake. It unlocks the natural flow of our creativity and enables us to discover new paths, work out our ideas and experiment. Open sketchbooks is all about revealing the varied ways illustrators work out their ideas and explore their craft.

Mini Grey

Mini Grey
Nadine Bennett

Nadine Bennett

Nadine Bennett
Nanette Regan
 Over the last year or so, I've tended to use piles of printer paper in place of sketchbooks so that I can lay everything out in front of me at once and see how the project is developing.

Nanette Regan
Natalie Eldred. Sketchbook pages of a current picture book project.

Natalie Eldred
Paul Morton

Paul Morton
Peter Richardson. Every morning I do warm up doodles, often stream of consciousness stuff. I make a mark and that leads to another mark and before I know what is happening a drawing is taking shape before my eyes...
Peter Richardson. ...The elephant with the monkey is a case in point. I knew that I wanted to draw an elephant, but had no idea what it would be doing. It was the look in the eyes of the elephant that prompted the monkey with the paper hoop.
Sally Rowe. I am working on a very visual story for 7-9 year olds, possibly a graphic novel, and am thinking through various elements.

Sally Rowe
Sam Zuppardi. A sketch for 'Jack's Worry' to be published by Candlewick/Walker in spring 2016. Jack wakes up one morning to find he has a worry.

Sam Zuppardi. A sketch for 'Jack's Worry'. The big orchestral finale.

Inspired? We hope so!

Many thanks to all the illustrators who sent in work! I'm sorry we couldn't include every piece that was submitted, but we tried to offer as wide a selection of the membership as possible. 

Open Sketchbooks is an ongoing feature. A call-out for the next selection will be sent out in good time but members are invited to submit images at any time! (Preferably maximum three images). Submissions should be emailed to John at this address. Work should be scans or snapshots of sketchbook pages featuring sketches, drawings from life or working drawings, not finished illustrations. Jpeg format, 72 dpi. Kindly avoid overlaying text on images and other digital manipulation. Captions should be in the body of your email. Also please include your contact details.  


John Shelley is the Illustration Feature Editor of Words & Pictures and Central East Network co-coordinator. 
He's illustrated over 50 books for children, many of them published in Japan where he lived for many years. His latest picture book Crinkle, Crackle, Crack - It's Spring! is published by Holiday House (USA) and is available online in the UK.

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  1. Another intriguing insight into the lives and minds of SCBWI illustrators. Sketchbooks are the melting pot of creativity.


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