Ten-Minute Blog Break - 13th October

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I seem to have written a lot this week, so I'll keep the introduction as short as...

I nearly mentioned The Unstoppable Maggie McGee (Juliet Clare Bell and Dave Gray's new picture book project in aid of Birmingham Children's Hospital) last week, but I'm glad I didn't. Why? Well, Clare Bell has written an absolutely superb blog post all about it which you must read immediately. Go!

You'll note that I mentioned both the writer and the illustrator of that picture book, and our next blogger has a lot to do with that! Sarah McIntyre has been having a busy week (actually, when is Sarah not having a busy week?) She was named one of the 10 most influential people in publishing by h.Club 100 for her #PicturesMeanBusiness campaign, and now she keeps up the pressure with a blog post aimed at illustration agents, urging them to ensure their clients get their name on the cover of books they've contributed to.

K.M. Lockwood is among the bloggers helping to promote the UKMG Extravaganza, which takes place in Nottingham this Saturday the 17th. K.M. is hosting a quirky chat with the prolific Julia Golding, who writes so much that she publishes under three different names!

Now that I've joined the Notes from the Slushpile team, I feel a bit guilty each time I feature one of their posts on here, lest I be accused of favouritism. And yet, Addy Farmer's post this week was so darn fascinating that I couldn't resist. Having a visual imagination seems to be taken for granted by many people, but there are others (like me) who have problems "getting a good reception" and some who have no visual imagination at all.

Finally, Dawn Finch has contributed a short but sweet blog post to Awfully Big Blog Adventure, all about the Pupil Library Assistant of the Year Award. If you are a school librarian (or know one), make sure a brilliant pupil helper gets nominated for this year's award. Hurry, because nominations close on the 31st October.


Nick Cross is an Undiscovered Voices winner and has recently received the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award, for his short story The Last Typewriter.

Click here to read Nick's latest blog post for Notes from the Slushpile. His children's short story The Drowners can be found in issue 9 of Stew Magazine.

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