Who should be the next Children's Laureate?

Did you know that SCBWI has a voice in selecting the next U.K. Waterstone's Children's Laureate? 

This means you!

Help SCBWI choose nominations for the Children's Laureate

Along with other organisations involved with children's literature, the Society for Children's Book Writers and Editors has been asked to submit nominations for one writer and one illustrator before Friday 11 November. 

The Children's Laureate is a fairly new role. Michael Morpurgo and Ted Hughes, then Poet Laureate, set it up in 1999, and the first Children's Laureate was Quentin Blake. 

Chris Riddell drew pictures of all of his predecessors, starting with Quentin Blake. You can see all the others here.
"The role of Children's Laureate is awarded once every two years to an eminent author or illustrator of Children's books to celebrate outstanding achievement in their field and to acknowledge their importance in creating the readers of tomorrow."

Since then, there have been eight Children's Laureates, with a new one every two years: 

Quentin Blake (1999-2001)
Anne Fine (2001-2003)
Michael Morpurgo (2003-2005)
Jacqueline Wilson (2005-2007)
Michael Rosen (2007-2009)
Anthony Browne (2009-2011)
Julia Donaldson (2011-2013)
Malorie Blackman (2013-2015)
Chris Riddell (2015-2017)

Each Laureate has made his or her mark on the tradition. Chris Riddell, our current Laureate, has been emphasising art and illustration in children's literature, and has also been fighting for libraries, especially in schools. You can follow his daily drawings at Laureate Log

The next Laureate will be announced in the summer of 2017. The selection is made from UK citizens or long-term residents who:

–have exceptional talent in writing or illustration

–contribute to creating the next generation of readers, writers, and illustrators

–are continually, creatively developing their craft 

–have a substantial publishing record and a significant profile in the industry and among their peers

–are interested in raising the profile of children's books and their authors and illustrators

Who would you like to see as Children's Laureate? Let SCBWI know in a comment, below!


  1. How about author/illustrator Sarah McIntyre?

  2. My top choice would be David Almond (not just because he'll be at the conference this year ;) ) but I also think Sally Gardner would be great too...

  3. Katherine Rundell for Children's Laureate! She has such an elegant writing style.

  4. Oooo David Almond would be first on my list then Sally G. As well.

  5. Illustrator - Korky Paul
    Author - Giles Andreae
    Both are supremely talented

  6. Sarah Macintyre, Philip Ardagh, Frank Cotterill Boyce...

  7. David Almond, Emma Chichester Clark, Emily Gravett, Lauren Child...

  8. A vote for narrative non-fiction and the wonderful Nicola Davies

  9. Vivian French


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