Kate Wiseman signs with Therese Coen at Madeleine Milburn

I’m sure that many readers have been to the conferences, the one to ones and the agents' parties in the hopes of being signed by an agent. So I’m delighted to share Kate’s story which shows that it does happen. (By Charlotte Comley)

Kate writes: I've been writing Blaggard's (Future Infamy Assured) for more than two years. It's the tale of two honest kids from devotedly criminal families who are sent to the world's best school for future felons.

Madeleine Milburn has always been high on my agent wish list because of their fantastic reputation and their expertise at overseas sales. I'd submitted to them before but without success, but this time, I knew my MS was a lot stronger. I submitted to Therese one Friday and she replied within a few days, requesting the full. I knew from her comments that we were on the same wavelength, and when she came back to me a few weeks later, offering representation, I did an embarrassing mum dance and turned several cartwheels.

She's planning on presenting Blaggards at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I'll have no fingernails left!

Thanks to all the lovely SCBWIs for their support and encouragement. It's been a long but very rewarding slog. And it's not over yet! I'd better get back to the edits.

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