A Fabulous First for Fir For Luck and Barbara Henderson

Barbara Henderson
My oldest daughter and I are big historical fiction fans, so when I saw that a new historical novel for upper MG/lower YA called Fir for Luck was hitting the book shelves from an SCBWI member, I dropped Barbara a line to see if she would tell us about her first launch.

Barbara writes:

I had a school launch on 21st September with just under 100 kids at a local primary school. That was on publication day itself. The following evening, there was a public launch at Waterstone's Inverness. It was a fab evening - a half-hour programme of readings and questions, followed by my first ever public book signing. Way over 100 people came, Waterstone's sold out of their 70 books they had ordered. My five free author copies and the book I was reading from also all went to the Waterstone's tills, and we still ran out. It felt like an occasion, especially as it also hit the #1 spot on Amazon for YA historical fiction/Europe that day - and a week later it's still in the top three or thereabouts - I feel incredibly staggered/delighted. Cranachan are a small publisher, and I'm only the fourth title they have launched, so it's gone a lot better than we had anticipated.

Charlotte Comley

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