A Strange Celebration for Danny Pearson, Steve Beckett and Tim Collins. We are starting the New Year celebrating how authors can help reluctant readers. Badger Learning have created a new series of books for kids who need a small nudge when it comes to enjoying books! The eight books in the new Strange Town series are sure to delight a whole new generation of middle grade readers.

Danny Pearson writes:
Welcome to Strange Town

Logan is about to find out that some towns can be stranger than others. His family have just moved to the remote town of Strange and Logan is not exactly happy. It looks funny, it smells funny and it even feels funny, if that’s even possible?

Everyone and everything in this town just doesn’t seem right, but no one seems to care or even notice. Everyone that is apart from Eva, the girl next door. She has spent years collecting evidence of the weird goings on that have happened in Strange Town. With a tree house full of strange objects, newspaper cuttings and photos, she is convinced that Strange isn’t just a clever name for this town.

Logan and Eva, along with Logan’s dog Otis, are the Strange Town Squad - always ready and on the look out for all things strange.

Together, they are faced with bizarre scenarios, including discovering a sinister group of fairies that are planning on pick pocketing the town’s football fans, and tackling a giant space kitten! They even come across the urban legend, Bigfoot.
These eight stories take place in and around Strange Town and are ideal for Reluctant Readers with a reading age as low as 7-8. However, the look and feel of each title will excite and attract a typical 9-12 year old with simple yet punchy sentence structures, full page vibrant colour illustrations and humorous themes.


Titles in the Strange Town series:
Bigfoot Rescue
The Space Kitten
Shopping Spree
Thor Next Door
The Iron Stones
Extra Time
Rubbish Invasion
Going Underground

Danny Pearson – Author - @Danny_D_Pearson
Steve Beckett – Illustrator - @stevebeetoons
Tim Collins – Series Consultant - @survivalguide

Danny, Steve and Tim are celebrating the launch of this series by taking a stroll into Strange Town. They are going to first catch a game at the Strange Town FC stadium. After that they will be eating lunch at an all you can eat Chinese buffet with the legendary Bigfoot. They then plan to run from a giant space kitten that is destroying the centre of town and finally they are going to meet up with Logan, Eva, Otis and... Thor. He has spare tickets for them all to see The Iron Stones play their final ever gig.

Charlotte Comley

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