Have you ever wondered how to break the ice and get more audience participation at your illustrator event? Rita Lazaro, an artist and SCBWI member based in Bath, has some great ideas to get things started!

Part III of an eight-part series. 
Part I 
Part II


What you need:

Small pieces of paper
Drawing tools

Come up with some silly character names: Grump Lumpkin, Ko Spoo, Crazy Kate, or manipulate known character names like Blue Dancing Shirt (Red Riding Hood), Lumpalaffalo (Gruffalo) etc.

Write them down on small pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Pick one name.
Use the name as your brief. Try to come up with a back-story for this character to justify the way you’ve drawn them.

This games can be pre-prepared by a team leader or designated person to cut down on 'thinking time'.


What you'll need:

A3 paper
crayons or felt-tip pen

Illustrators sit in pairs across from each other. Each pair is given an A3 piece of paper. Each
illustrator is given one crayon or a felt-tip pen (I find wax crayons work best). Make sure the colours in a pair are different and of similar intensity. When given the sign to start, each participant makes a scribble with their eyes closed and signs their work in the corner.

Now swap places and each starts 
working on the other person's scribble, but with their own crayon. You are allowed to compete or cooperate as much as you want in order to create a finished artwork.

Rita Lazaro is a visual artist based in Bath. However, she has been admiring illustrators for a while and even curated an illustration exhibition as part of the Fringe Arts Bath festival. After a year as a member of SCBWI, she might soon be ready to bring her own picture books to the world, but for now, she is busy bringing illustrators and picture-book enthusiasts together as a Network Organiser for SCBWI South West.

You can see Rita's work here.
Twitter: @RitaLazaroArt 

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