Tattooist and illustrator Hannah Mosley chose to illustrate a character-based theme for Undiscovered Voices. In this spotlight, she talks about the process.

• Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less

I’m a Manchester-based illustrator, author and tattooer who dabbles in aerial arts.

• Who or what do you think informs your illustration the most?

A mix of ancient myths, and the little gestures and interactions between the people I get to see in my daily life. Character interaction is my favourite thing to draw – like the way the sleeping child is hugging the foot of Mr Pookah in my UV submission.

• What materials do you enjoy using the most?

I love using a mix of pencils with digital colour – I think it gives the best of both worlds in terms of feel and textures. I often use pure digital these days as our current home doesn’t have space for a more traditional set up.

Hannah Mosley

• Why did you choose the scene you illustrated for UV2018?

Because I secretly wanted to be stolen by fairies when I was small! I think lots of kids dream of being whisked away to a new, strange life, whilst also being scared of the idea. There’s a bit of a dark thrill to it.

• If there was one thing that stood out the most about being a part of UV2018, what would it be?

How much I was able to get done with a solid deadline in front of me! I draw every day for my tattoo clients, so the time and energy to develop my own illustration practice sometimes feels elusive. Having a set brief and goal to get my teeth into really focused me.

• What has been the most valuable part of UV2018 for you?

Becoming part of a cohort of passionate illustrators and authors. The social network and the support from the rest of the UVers and the illustration volunteers/organisers has given me a renewed confidence to keep going. I can’t thank the judges enough for including me in the anthology, and hope to do you all proud in the future.

* Image credits: Hannah Mosley


Email: hello@hannahmosley.co.uk

Hannah's website is: www.mosleydraws.com

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @mosleydraws


You can download the Undiscovered Voices 2018 anthology here.

Undiscovered Voices is an anthology published every other year by the British SCBWI and aims to help fresh, new voices in children’s literature – both writers and illustrators – find agents, publishers and ultimately readers. Undiscovered Voices has launched the careers of writers and illustrators, who have gone on to publish more than 200 books. These authors have been nominated for, and won, an amazing array of literary prizes: including the Carnegie Medal, Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, Branford Boase Award, Blue Peter Award, the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award, and nearly 30 regional awards. Visit www.undiscoveredvoices.com for all the details and news when submissions will open for the next anthology.

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