COMPETITIONS Design this year's conference badge

Showcase your creative talent through a SCBWI conference badge! 

The Conference badge competition made a comeback for the 2018 conference, with several of the winning designs selling out WITHIN HOURS. It was such a success that we’re running it again this year.

Get involved

This is your chance to support SCBWI and see your design or slogan on sale at November’s conference. (The winner will also receive a full set of the 2019 badges while the runner-up will receive a half-set.)

Lots of ideas? Great, we’re happy to take multiple entries.

Entered and won before? That’s fine – you’ve clearly got talent, and we’d love to see your entries this year.
Have a great slogan but no artistic skills? Or are you an illustrator struggling for ideas? Why not team up with another SCBWI member. (Put a ‘shout out’ on the SCBWI Facebook page or ask around your regional network. It’s a great way of getting to know other members too.)

Stuck for inspiration?
We asked last year’s winner, Suzanne Dore, what prompted her to enter and how she came up with her winning design. This is what she told us:

The SCBWI badge competition last year just happened to pop up when I had nothing to do.

I’m a freelance graphic designer in my ‘normal’ life. And my workload can go from nothing to three massive jobs all at once – very much like when you’re waiting for a bus.
The SCBWI badge competition last year just happened to pop up when I had nothing to do. (OK, I probably had lots of work to do on my illustration portfolio and the picture book I was writing, but no actual paying work).
Aha, I thought, this is a way I can give back to SCBWI, so I scribbled a few ideas down, and rejected them ...
But those initial sketches evolved into my final design. 
And, rather amazingly, I won!!
Suzanne's winning design

How to enter
You don’t need to attend the conference to enter – but you do need to be a paid-up SCBWI member.
Here’s what you need to do:

* Design a circular badge (please ensure there’s a generous bleed in your artwork)
* Include the SCBWI logo – all entries MUST include the logo.

Then send you entry to no later than 10am on Sunday 8th September.
Have a question or query? Contact Zoë on the email above.


Zoë spent fifteen years in the grown-up world before quitting her management job in 2013 to write for a living (albeit mostly reports, funding bids and business cases). A voracious reader of children’s books, she recently launched her own children’s book review site – Madge Eekal Reviews – where she loves to promote fellow SCBWI members. Zoë has an MA in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University. She enjoys writing for children of all ages and has a particular love of middle-grade action adventures.


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