NEW FACES Welcome to W&P's New Team


It's out with the old and in with the new this January here at W&P! The new editorial team introduce themselves.


Gulfem Wormald


I have over 20 years experience as a journalist. I worked as a full-time journalist for Cosmopolitan and ELLE magazines in Istanbul, Turkey and as Overseas Correspondent for FHM magazine in the UK alongside a career initially in banking and now, in education.


For the last eight years, I have been working for a leading Examination and Awarding Body. I am currently managing a project where we are looking for ways of teaching GCSE and A-level qualifications with a wider focus on equality, diversity and inclusion. Linked to this project, I am developing a series of teacher training events.


Over a year ago, I started writing picture books. I have done a few courses and listened to hours of masterclasses and the more I learnt, the more I fell in love with kidlit. I belong to a SCBWI critique group which I really enjoy being a part of.


I am so excited to be volunteering as part of the editorial team for Words & Pictures. I can’t wait to share my experience and learn from others. As my eight-year-old son would say after a playdate, "Thank you for having me!"



Fran Price

 Acting Deputy Editor


I have been part of the Words & Pictures team for almost six years, the last four as Events Editor. I am super excited to be taking over as Acting Deputy Editor (although AM Dassu will be a tough act to follow!).


I began my writing career in contract magazines, interviewing all sorts of people from civil servants to Ruby Wax. I’ve worked as a freelance editor, copywriter and feature writer. I’ve also been a recruitment consultant, marketing assistant, temp, teaching assistant and literacy volunteer.


I began writing for children during a year studying Illustration at art college. After an MA in Creative Writing (University of Wales) I was hooked on writing children’s stories. Aquila Magazine published my story Nicole and the Paper Witches, including my illustrations, in three issues back in 2004/5.


I write mainly picture books and middle grade stories and have been in various SCBWI critique groups. I was shortlisted in the January 2015 Slushpile Challenge, and came second in 2017. Being part of the children’s writing community — mainly through SCBWI, GEA, WriteMentor and WriteMagic — has really helped me to stay focused, and it’s a privilege to ‘give something back’ by volunteering for Words & Pictures.


Tracy Curran

 Production Editor


Hi, I'm Tracy and I’m incredibly excited about joining the Words & Pictures team as Production Editor. Words & Pictures has been my favourite Sunday morning read for the past couple of years and what a privilege to be part of it! I’m also very nervous, though, so I hope everyone will bear with me as I find my feet and get to know everyone.


SCBWI has been instrumental to my writing journey. Living in Cornwall means I am quite remote and it was through SCBWI that I found my online critique group who have become firm friends. It’s also allowed me to access incredible events and it’s challenged my writing too - I love the Slush Pile Challenges and one day hope to be successful in one.


When I am not caring for my children, including a daughter with SEN, I write and review picture books, chapter books and lower middle grade fiction. I am currently a mentee on the All Stories Mentorship and one of my picture books, Pumpkin’s Fairytale, was published by an indie publisher called Final Chapter at the end of September. Now it’s time for me to give something back to the writing community that has been so wonderfully supportive and welcoming.



Tita Berredo

 Illustration Features Editor

I'm a children's writer and illustrator born in Rio de Janeiro. I have a Master's degree in Children's Literature and Illustration from Goldsmiths UOL, and I'm represented by Fairbanks Literary Representation. I work as a freelance illustrator in Glasgow and I'm a picture book reviewer for My Book Corner.


Since 2018, I've been working to support local children's writers and illustrators by coordinating the Glasgow hubs for SCBWI, the AOI and the SOA; of which I've been made a committee member. I believe that when we exchange experiences with people from different backgrounds and career stages it reminds us that we will all face the same obstacles at some point. The journey of writers and illustrators relies upon how confident they are to enter and persist in publishing. Therefore, it is important to invest in their self-confidence, especially at the beginning. I consider that any society's members should be given equal opportunity independently of their career stage or publishing status — especially in one like SCBWI.


As the new Illustration Feature Editor, I aim to bring my experience with the writing and illustration community to generate more interaction and opportunities for members, making illustration more inclusive and accessible for all.


Header image: Tita Berredo



  1. Hello to the new team! Good luck, and thanks for the hard work. Love reading W&P

  2. Hi to all the new team. some familiar faces and some new ones, pleased to meet you all.


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