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Not one, not two, but three SCBWI Wales members were finalists in the Firefly Press competition, set on St David’s Day earlier this year; two went on to win their category — and Chloë Heuch was announced the overall winner. Françoise Price reports.


From Welsh women pirates to dystopian Cardiff blood-drinkers, the Firefly Press competition attracted some weird and wonderful stories, but none weirder than Chloë’s winning entry, entitled A History of My Weird. She wins a residential course at Tŷ Newydd, Wales’s creative writing centre, and a 1-to-1 with a Firefly editor.


Here is what our members said:


Victoria Pici (winner, 7-9 category)

Victoria Pici won the 7-9 category


“When Firefly Press announced their Children's Fiction for Wales competition on St David's Day, the only full book I had in my portfolio was my first one, a book that I had decided to shelve earlier in the year in favour of newer projects with more potential. Pulling it off the proverbial shelf, I dusted down the first few chapters and sent them off. You can imagine my surprise when I got the email to say I had been longlisted a couple of months later. We were given just five days to send in the rest of the novel and I began the frantic process of editing a book my heart loved but had almost given up on. Normal life was busy but, through the encouragement of a couple of my SCBWI buddies, I made it through a sleepless weekend of edits and handed it in the night before.


“Or so I thought… a fellow entrant pointed out I should have received a confirmation email. Two hours of panic, and a frenzy of messages to my husband ensued, as we tried to work out what had gone wrong, and I rushed to make the deadline. I did, and a further month passed before a stomach churning email arrived — I’d made the shortlist! What alternative reality was this!? Me, a shortlistee? One month of waiting turned into two and then, the final email asking for a photo and bio. Just one more week to wait until the winners were announced. I spent the morning cleaning and waited a whole five minutes past the deadline before checking Twitter. Time stopped as I read and re-read the announcement: I had won the age 7-9 category with a book that I had planned to bury only months earlier beneath the bed of writerly experience. I guess every book really can have a home in the right heart, at the right time, in the right place.”


Abigail Tanner (shortlisted)

Abigail Tanner - shorlistee 

“When the Firefly Press competition came up, I tossed and turned on whether to send it off. I knew I had a complete first draft but only the first 4-5 chapters had been read by anyone else (my lovely SCBWI Wales critique group). With online SCBWI writing friends giving me virtual chants of ‘do it do it’, I sent the opening 4000 words and synopsis, not really thinking much would come of it.

 "The longlist email arrived and I did the usual doom scroll thinking blah blah blah and I could swear I read the response ‘sorry thanks, but no’. Then I stopped, oh it didn’t say that! I was on my first ever longlist. Cue dancing around the kitchen over breakfast, much to my husband and son’s dismay.


"Keeping this a secret was hard, but once I heard about being on the shortlist (no dancing this time) keeping that secret was SO MUCH WORSE. How do authors do this with publishing deals?! Perhaps, I can hope, this is training for the real thing?


"After finding out about the shortlist, a frenetic weekend proofing and editing my full MS ensued, so thanks to my family for letting me disappear that weekend.


"Announcement day was so exciting, shhh don’t tell work but I struggled to concentrate. And while I didn’t win, the fact that two of my SCWBI Wales crit group did (Vicky and Chloë, with Chloë overall winner whoop whoop) was amazing. Such a credit to our crit group, helping each other to achieve our goals. The supportiveness of the group when we’re in a writing slump or don’t have time to submit to the group or critique as much as we would like has been amazing — especially over the past few strange years. Can’t wait to see more success come out of this group of talented individuals.”


ë Heuch (Overall winner)


Chloë Heuch was announced as the overall winner

“I wasn’t sure whether to apply for the Firefly Press competition as I have been published before, though currently agentless and with no publisher. I checked the rules and found I was in with a chance! I had over half of the story written so I submitted. I was amazed to find I’d been longlisted. I was asked to send in the whole manuscript, but it was still unfinished! My writer friend, Victoria Pici, was also getting her submission ready too. I had a frantic weekend, barely sleeping as I speed wrote. We messaged each other to keep going and be positive. I hit the deadline and submitted. I was amazed to be shortlisted, and sworn to secrecy. I took that very literally and didn’t tell a soul! It was a wonderful shock to find out I’d won my category. A real boost. It was even more special to find Vicky had too. My dream would be to get an agent and find a publisher for A History of My Weird.”


On behalf of the Words & Pictures team, huge congratulations to Victoria Pici, Abigail Tanner and Chloë Heuch.

*Header image: Firefly Press; all other photos courtesy of the authors 

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