SCBWI BI CONFERENCE 2022 Saturday night party

 Break out your fancy dress, dust off your dance shoes and get ready to mingle at the Saturday night party. Anna Cole, SCBWI's Saturday party and Pitch co-ordinator, shares details of the 
highlight of the weekend.

After two years off, we are delighted that we are once again able to hold an in-person conference. This year things will be a little different as we’re heading to the bright lights of Manchester, but the Saturday night party will still be one of the highlights of the weekend.

The party offers the perfect opportunity to network with other conference-goers and make new writing and illustrating friends. But not only that, with the conference faculty and invited industry guests also in attendance, you never know who you’ll be standing next to at the bar.

This year the party will be taking place at the Hyatt Hotel, just a short distance from the conference venue. We’ll be settling in with a welcome drink and getting ready to mingle before sitting down to a delicious three-course meal.


Mass book launch cake from previous conference 

The party also offers us the chance to celebrate all the publishing successes we’ve had over the last year. If you’re registered for the mass book launch, this is the place you need to be. We’ll also be presenting the prestigious Crystal Kite award.

One of the most common party related questions we’ve had since the organisation of this year’s conference began was, is there going to be a cake?  And the answer to that is, of course! No conference party would be complete without it. And this year it will be just as much as a showstopper as in previous years. If you're taking part in the mass book launch, you’ll even find a little fondant book around the edge with your book cover printed on. And you might even find one of your characters incorporated in the design. It’s almost a shame we’ll have to cut it.

As well as the cake, the other thing the conference party would not be complete without is fancy dress. For many years conference goers have delighted in finding a costume. Whether it’s a small nod to our conference theme or a full-blown kid lit character, you’ll fit right in. And who knows, you might even win the prize for the best costume. This year the theme is all things Manchester. With such a wide brief, there are plenty of ideas to choose from and still time to get creating your costume. But don’t feel you have to dress up. Party clothes are just as acceptable.

With so much packed into the weekend, this conference is definitely one you’re not going to want to miss. If you haven’t already booked your place, do so before it’s too late. And remember, the tickets for the conference party are booked separately from your main conference ticket. Bookings close in just two days (1st November) so don't delay!




*Header image: designed by Tita Berredo; illustrations by Jim Field; cake image: SCBWI


Anna Cole is the conference party co-ordinator. Having always scribbled ideas and the beginnings of stories on any bit of paper she could find (think envelopes, leaflets and receipts) she decided to take her writing more seriously, so bought a notebook and began work on a middle grade fantasy novel. With a short interlude to work in a ski resort (and snowboard every day), Anna now writes at every opportunity.


Stephanie Cotela is the new Network News & Events Editor for Words & Pictures magazine.

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