A Blissful State

It's been a totally manic seven days - we are in the blissful state of having more than enough material. Thank you to everyone who's contributed! I want to say in a trembly voice "You've all done very well." But that would date me terribly...  So I'll just say you're all stars in the W&P Universe!

All the feedback I've received about Words & Pictures has been very positive, even the negative feedback (but it isn't negative really) is that there's too much to read! And should we rethink posting everyday? These are interesting questions and I look forward to more feedback when we ask you how it's going in a few weeks time. I hope you'll let us know. We haven't worked out exactly what we want to ask yet but it will just be a few questions to helps plan and if necessary, modify what we're doing.  If you have any exciting ideas for features for instance, we'd love to hear them and have you on board to help make them happen!

As I've definitely over posted this week, I wonder how concisely can I tempt you with what you may have missed, and lure you into checking in next week?  Got your tiara on? Hmmm, here goes...

Stig, by Paul Morton
Whether you're reeling from rejection, inspired by Undiscovered Voices winners or bemused by hashtags, Sara O'Connor's figures are a revelation. Diverse blogs, divergent news (North to South) and Amber Hsu's fabulous illustration led us to a weekend of hurrahs. some in the Land of the Crystal Kite and our new competition pilot. Next week with blogs, news and hurrahs, we have David Almond, Duck & Bear episode 3, and a very special birthday - Stig is 50 on Saturday June 1st.

Hope it's a great week!

Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is older middle grade, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta.

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