Network News Overview

by Gill James

This week we’re taking a bit of an overview of some of the activities that happen in the networks. Note how much food is involved...

Goal-Setting Brunches 

One popular activity in the London area is the goal-setting brunch. Here is what London coordinator Anita Loughrey says: 
"Are you getting behind with your goals? Do you need help to stay on track? Would you like to discuss what you aim to achieve in a supportive and friendly atmosphere with like-minded children's writers and illustrators? If you need a little motivation, or simply want to make new writing or illustrating friends, come along to one of our goal-setting brunches. We will give you all the tools you need to think about where you are at with your current project and how you can move it forward. You can come along to the mid-week brunch, or the weekend brunch, or both."

 Julie Day has found them very useful: 
"I have been all but one of the weekend goal-setting brunches (missed the last one being on the retreat) and have learnt a lot. Having goals set has made me realise what I want to write; non-fiction about me and Asperger's Syndrome as well as fiction, and letting others know about it. Writing down the goals keeps me on target to what I want to write and when. It has made me start my non-fiction freelancing. It also helps me to network and meet more people, and finds me contacts and information for my non-fiction writing. I can't wait to go to the next one." 

The latest mid-week brunch took place on Thursday 23rd May at Bill's, St Martin's Courtyard, 3 Slingsby Place, London WC2E 9AB at 11am and was chaired by Miriam Craig. Bill's Restaurant is just off Long Acre, turn into Slingsby Place by Banana Republic, or from the other side turn off of Upper St Martin's Lane by Jamie Oliver.

The next weekend brunch is Saturday 8th June, 10:30am at Fleet Street Bakery, 71 Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC2A 3JF London, which has delicious food and a homely communal table and is chaired by Michelle Newell.

Anita says,"This is a great way to help yourself stay on task and increase your productivity. Reflect on your May achievements and set fresh targets for June. Hope to see you there!”

Critique groups 


Critique groups are always popular. Steph Williams, north-west coordinator runs one in Manchester. We meet once a month in the events room at Waterstones on Deansgate

Anyone in the north-west wishing to join a critique group, contact Steph at northwest at britishscbwi dot org. She also runs one in Chester but is waiting for the confirmation of the next batch of dates. SCBWI members interested in joining, contact networknews at britishscbwi dot org.

In the south-east, Sue Shaw runs the Oxford Wordsmiths. An opportunity to join the group has presented itself. They meet monthly at George and Delilah's ice cream parlour in the Cowley Rd. They are a small but growing critique group with a little socialising sneaking in. If anyone is interested in joining , could they please contact Sue via southeast at britishscbwi dot org. 

If anything interesting has happened recently in your network, do let me know. Each week I feature a different network but there's also space for highlights from others. Contact me at networknews at britishscbwi dot org.

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