Network News: Central East

By  Gill James 

SCBWI British Isles Central East Region covers: Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. It is open to all members of SCBWI living in these counties (or very close by!).
A group regularly meets up in Cambridge. It's open to any member of the SCBWI.
Members are geographically spread around East Anglia, but in touch through e-mail newsletters where members are encouraged to share news and recount recent successes (and disappointments!). More details about the group can be found out on the here.(Signed up members only - If you’re not a member yet and live in this region, why not join?) 
In the past Central East members have held discussions with school librarians in Suffolk to discover how librarians choose their books, how children read them and what’s missing from the market. British SCBWI Central East Region held this meeting jointly with the Ipswich Children’s Book Group. 

Several Central East members have enjoyed publishing success:

Quite a lot of talent, then in the Central East. The group is always keen to hear of local success – so if you live in this region you can have your publishing news showcased by the group as well as in Words and Pictures. Way to go!     
For more details contact CentralEast at bristishcscbwi dot org   

Gill James writes fiction for children and young adults and lectures in English and Creative Writing at the University of Wales. She is the editor of this column and welcomes news and interviews from members in the networks. Contact her on networknews at bristishscbwi dot org.


  1. Gill, also don't forget the Illustrator's Print show will be on display in Norwich in July for the first time, I'm hoping to tie in some events here to run with it.


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