Agent Confidential: Julia Churchill

Name: Julia Churchill  

AKA: Church

Agency: A.M. Heath

Genres Represented: Every type of children’s fiction, from picture books up to older YA and everything in-between.

Authors Represented: Allan Boroughs, Lil Chase, Cat Clarke, Helen Douglas, Michael Ford, Michelle Harrison, Anne-Marie Conway, SD Crockett, Sarah Crossan, Stephen Davies, Kathryn James, Pip Jones, Kate Kelly, Sarah Lean, David Macphail, Leila Rasheed, Nikki Sheehan, Amy Sparkes.

Recent deals: Rebecca Smith’s DANDELION CLOCKS and second book, at auction to Puffin, and Rob Stevens’ WOULD THE REAL STANLEY CARROT PLEASE STAND UP and second book, to Andersen Press. And a few that I’m not allowed to mention yet.

Wish list: I tend not to be prescriptive about what I’m looking for. Essentially I’m looking for quality and freshness in concept, voice and story, whether that’s in 250 words for three year olds or 80,000 for sophisticated young adult readers. I am keen to see more 9-12 though, though I stay open-minded on genre and area of the market.

Favourite books: Charlotte’s Web, Goodnight Mr Tom, The Secret Garden, the Mr Gum books, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, A Greyhound of a Girl, Skulduggery Pleasant. That’s a start, but I reckon on a different day, there’d be a different answer. And I still love The Hungry Caterpillar.

Agent style: Just as every client is different and has different needs, so too am I a different agent according to those needs. But always up-front, straightforward and with a long term view towards my authors’ financial and professional well-being.

How to Submit: Through the website at

Submission tips: Always finish the book. The book you finish is a different book to the one you started. At the end, you’ll know clearly what your book is and what it needs to achieve, and in revising you are going to get there more effectively in those first chapters.

Also if you share prematurely, and you get roundly rejected, you may lose the confidence you need to nail the book.

Don’t rush.


Twitter: @juliachurchill

Events: September 25th – 29th 2013 Matera Women’s Fiction Festival

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  1. Thanks Julia - it's really helpful to have a clear idea of what you're looking for and I'm sure your submissions will improve as a result!

  2. Long term view is what we want!

  3. I am an author and illustrator, although primarily the latter. I view my books as integrated works; for me the illustrations, text, layout and typography are all equally important. Bearing that in mind, I am looking for an agent who is happy to take on the entire package - I wouldn't want to just submit the text from one of my books, as my illustrations tell a lot of the story. Am I asking too much?

    1. Have you seen our new slushpile challenge specifically for PB writers and now writer/illustrators?

  4. Many illustrator agents and some PB agents are looking for author-illustrators. You should be able to find them on the yearbook

  5. Thanks very much, Julia. These are great insights.

    Katrina and Mel - excellent headings - exactly what I want to know:)


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