Fresh From the Chalkface

It's so exciting to publish the results for our first Chalkface Challenge.

It's a win-win-win kind of competition. The children comments are all very warm and encouraging so I hope those not shortlisted have still won a wonderful confidence boost. Teacher friends have done a similar thing for me and hearing a child describe an incident in your story that they particularly enjoyed, is great. Not only did the children enjoy the reading it sounds like they enjoyed the whole process.

Celia Anderson,
Year 5 Teacher
"Well, you have made a gang of ten year olds very happy today! 
There was almost a fight over who is on my panel... decided in the end to pick names out of a hat..."

 "They're so enthusiastic; it's a real pleasure to be taking part "

"The children loved the whole experience"

These young people and young people like them are who it's all for anyway.

Thank You Very Much, Year 5,  St Edwards' Catholic Primary School, Swadlincote. You've been brilliant!

Due to wifi limitations at the weekend  (I'm festivalling!) I'm posting on Tuesday so please do use the links in the side bar to catch up with our 17th W&P week but I can tell you that next week week we have part 2 of the Team Cooper Retreat Report  and, for the time being at least, Duck & Bear reaches it's series finale.

With less than a month to the UV deadline, have fun creating!

Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is older middle grade, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta.


  1. I should also add thank you to the parents of our excellent judges for giving us permission ( through St Edwards') to post these fabulous pictures.

  2. Only just found this (I was on holiday when it appeared) but thanks again for all the fun you gave us. If you ever want our services again, you know where we are! :)


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