The Buzz in Sunny Norwich

On one of the best weekends of the year to be in Norwich - guess where I am!
I've just had coffee with our excellent illustration features editor, John Shelley in the garden of the Britons Arms at the top of Elm Hill, a medieval cobbled street in the heart of the old city. Norwich is buzzing with the Lord Mayor's celebrations, music markets processions, fireworks all manner of festivity has hit the streets. Right now after a short walking tour with John, ( If you're ever in Norwich, book John, he's a brilliant tour guide.) I'm sitting in the the foyer of the Forum which houses among other things the BBC and Norwich's Millennium Library - the busiest library in the country and the venue for The Authors and Illustrators Day on July 27th and the Illustrators Print Exhibition, 26th July – 9th August.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our first poll question. There'll be another one on Monday, when I'm back at home. Especially for picture book writers don't leave before checking out next Slushpile Challenge. On competitions, the Chalkface Challenge judges are on the point of delivering their verdict and I'll be emailing entrants this week!

I have lots of pictures to post but The Cloud, iPhoto and email etc are just not playing ball this afternoon. So here's a reminder about The Norwich Author Illustrator's day and a sunny placeholder for when I've resolved my picture posting problems!

The clock is ticking for me - laptop battery also soon to expire, so very quickly....

We've had a great week on Words & Pictures and there's a similarly great week to come! 
I do hope you'll catch up on author illustrator, Gillian McClure's post on The Plaister Press - her own publishing house - an inspiring 'self publishing' story. If you're looking for inspiration go to something old as Philippa did on Monday when she pondered on some illustrated texts from a time when no one thought twice about pictures for adults. And Ask an Agent, what brilliant  query advice from Gemma and Molly this week! We are so lucky to have them, and Sara, our Ask a Publisher, on board.

Isn't Patron of Reading a wonderful idea? Congratulations Denyse! Check the links in Nick's Blog Break this week for our own excellent SCBWI bloggers and a link to an interview with the Fickling Family as a comic - it's brilliant. And we'd love to hear about your Network experience in Network News this week.

And for next week...

On Monday our guest blogger is Andrew Weale who'll be telling us what it's like to work with more the one publisher. On Wednesday, we welcome Julia Churchill of AM Heath to  launch our first Agent Confidential, a brilliant concept put together by our writing features team - Mel Rogerson, Katrina Charman and Tania Tay.  Then on Friday, we have Picture Book Basics part 1 - Pagination.

I'm off to watch The Lord Mayor's procession, find husband and dinner.
Hope you're enjoying the sun,

Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is older middle grade, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta.

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