Congratulations Mark!

We're delighted to celebrate with this recently agented SCBWI author...

"You may as well all just give up and stop writing," says Mark Jones.

(DON'T do that! - Ed) 

“It's the biggest development in the literary world since Johannes Guternburg failed to invent the alphabetti spaghetti making machine” screamed blogger Basil Obvious, “Whatever he writes, it'll be the book to end all books!”.
Of course you've guessed right, Mark Jones has got an agent. After only 14 minutes of writing on the back of a beer mat Mark secured representation with Alice Williams from David Higham Associates. A source on the street not close to the agency at all said, "They won't have time to talk to you now, every publisher in the universe is beating down their door. No other author will get a look in.”

Mark Jones has got an agent! 

Mark put his success down to, “being simply amazing”, before saving a baby from a burning building. He denied that all other writers should just give up, saying, “It’s important to have a dream, even a futile one.” There have been 1,567,784 attempts on his life since then. Only four have been successful.*

The last known picture of Mark Jones (cunningly disguised as a beetle) before being forced into exile due to unprecedented success.

*None of the characters presented in the above work are based on real people apart from Alice Williams and Mark Jones. Mark’s been writing for too many years for him to remember and getting agent is down to hard work, nice people (mostly from SCBWI) and luck, though he is simply amazing.

He started writing so he could wear amazing author hats.

We're very pleased about Mark's success and look forward to reading his books which we're sure will be great fun!

Tania, her wonderfully creative post titles and her joyful zing will be back next week.

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  1. Brilliant news! Well done, Mark. :-)

  2. We're delightedc for you Mark. No really, we are. Honestly. Simply thrilled.
    (Hee hee - tip top terrific nes - well done!!!)

  3. How many typos in one comment! Pay attention Evans...

  4. Congratulations. You are now in the same stable as Jackie Marchant. Do you prefer sugar cubes or carrots?

  5. Who let the beetle out?
    Really, there is no accounting for taste.
    (fabuloso news)

  6. Replies
    1. And yet so modest with it. What a guy. What a hat.

  7. Mark, you make me laugh out LOUD and I very much hope Alice hasn't signed you up for something uncharacteristically serious?

  8. Alice always looks very serious whenever I've seen her. Has she actually met you?

  9. Excellent news! The madness will spread. No one is safe!

  10. Am planning fifty successful attempt on your life right now and my top secret plan can not possibly, I mean, congratulations! Tra la la and all that.

  11. get some beer on that mat - congratulations, Mark!

  12. Fourteen minutes? Sluggard. Not jealous at all. (Sob!) Now where's my M16?


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