Ten-Minute Blog Break - 27th August

I’m delighted to be given the chance to deputise for Nick Cross on the blog while he does whatever talented and imaginative writers do on their holidays. He’s probably sitting somewhere with a notebook, pen and an ice cream (substitute beer if you’re reading this slightly later in the day) just oozing with ideas for his next book. It’s a hard job to fill his shoes (substitute trainers or flip flops if you really want to get into the spirit of Nick’s holiday), but here goes.

These four blogs caught my eye this week and made me want to read more. As a relatively new individual blogger - having hidden behind the skirts of the Romaniacs’ blog for a couple of years before recently branching out solo –the way these lovely people keeping turning out the ideas is amazing: 

In praise of curiosity... by Keren David is the latest post from the The Edge - Cutting Edge Fiction for Teens.  Keren recently combined her passion for the seaside with her journalistic experience and opened her eyes to new ideas at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing caught Keren’s imagination and fired up her ever-present search for new quirks and foibles. Her blog gives us an insight into the way that experiences can build up in the novelist’s head to produce something new and inspiring. And the seaside thrown in – can’t be bad... 

I Hear Adventure Calling with Jane Heinrich has a large chilled glass of wine, a paperback that looks well-loved and some sunglasses to keep the holiday theme going, which is good enough for me. Jane gives an update on what she’s currently reading (anything interesting as long as it’s in the shade), working on (something so secret even the blog doesn’t know yet), eating (gooey cookies; am making envious whimpering noises here). Join Jane to read some excellent reviews of children’s literature and to think about wine o’clock, which has to be soon.

Space On The Bookshelf, the creation of Sally Poyton, Jo Wyton and Nicki Thornton, provides great ideas for keeping any bored children in your household busy. Book cover designing or write your own blurb – great ways to amuse the troops. And there are prizes! 

And finally...on Who Ate My Brain Nick Cross leaves us with food for thought. I guess he can’t feature his own blog so I’ll do it for him this week. Read all about his automatic and amazing Rejectomatic. Are you tired of waiting for your submissions to bear fruit. Who needs those tiresome agents and publishers? All those weeks of tension and ambushing the postman are now over. Cut out the middle man and get your rejection form instantly. What a fantastic idea. All the more letters to paper the downstairs toilet walls with. Thanks Nick - I did larf. 

 Celia J Anderson

When she’s not marking children’s work, or writing stories involving pants, Celia spends far too much time on Facebook (Celia Joy Anderson) and does a lot of walking to counteract the cooking, eating and drinking which form another of her hobbies. She blogs as part of the Romaniacs online writers’ group, and can also be found on Twitter. Her own website is now nearly ready to be launched.

Celia’s first novel, Sweet Proposal, a contemporary romance involving chocolate, a jacuzzi and a bespoke bookshop, was published by Piatkus Entice on August 1st. Her ultimate dream is to have her children’s books published too.

Usually sea-starved in the depths of the Midlands, she can often be found wandering happily around Brighton visiting her two daughters pretending to collect ideas for her next book.


  1. Thanks, Celia - both for writing the blog break this week and for giving me a plug!

    I am actually just sipping coffee and eating a croissant (although I'm in Wiltshire, not Paris). Life is good :-)

  2. It's a pleasure, Nick. Just off to do similar, only in Swadlincote. What do you mean, you haven't heard of it?

    1. Swadlincote sounds a lovely place to sip coffee and eat croissants - as does Wiltshire!

  3. Thank You Celia for covering for Nick by being the second honoured Nick Clone of the summer!


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