Edinburgh Part One

The conference has been announced! A library of award winning authors and illustrators including Catherine Rayner and Malorie Blackman with an impressive line up of industry professionals will be there. Everyone's welcome!

The conference doesn't include accommodation. If you're coming, book now. Places closest to the university go very quickly.

Paul Morton, 2011

We are in a bit of a conference frenzy, what with the announcement on Friday and the badge competition yesterday - I love all  the scbwi badges - I have a whole set, but hiding in a book (tent) is such a wonderful idea, it  has to be my favourite.

Now that's what I call elevenses

I've been in Edinburgh this week and seen some great shows: The Play That Goes Wrong, Blam and The Horne Section. I've had morning tea with Sheila in Anteaques which I can also very much recommend - the company and the venue. I'm popping back next week to catch the the first weekend of the book festival too.

After a bumper Ask a Publisher last week, this week's Nick Clone aka Candy Gourlay gave a us bumper Blog Break. Did anyone catch up with the SCBWI 'bloggerati' on the beach?

Bumper is exactly what summer's for, isn't it? Didn't you just love the bumper summer special editions of your favourite comics? Mine had more stories, more colour and were that big, it was like reading the paper. So I was really pleased when there was a ticket for one of the Scottish Book Trust's Author Live Events at the BBC. It was with the very entertaining comic book creators The Etherington Brothers. As W&P is very much of the opinion that comic books are books, here are some of Robin and Lorenzo's great tips for creating story:

Look out for their Authors Live recorded on Friday 2nd August 2013.

Inspiration oozed out of last week with another of Philippa's imagination unclogging pieces on Monday and Anna's wonderfully practical Ink Splutterings on Friday. Thursday also belonged to Philippa as our first craft book reviewer and on Wednesday it was brilliant to see Gemma and Molly in action critiquing queries sent in by readers - thank you brave people! And Dennis, we so appreciate your comment! I hope this inspires anyone wondering if their covering letter, query or pitch is enough to hook an agent, to send it in for Gemma and Molly to work their magic.

The theme for this month is critique - themes and months do blur a little as our first critique feature is a spottlight on the SCBWI BI picture book ecritique group on Wednesday. Our guest author blogger on Momday is Savita Kalhan, who'll be looking at polishing the first draft and on Friday, John has Picture Book Basics part two.

Thank you so much for squinting through the sun to read and comment,

Happy holidaying!
Jan Carr

Jan Carr is the editor of Words & Pictures. Her fiction is older middle grade, she blogs occasionally and loves to write in magenta. You can contact her at editor@britishscbwi.org.


  1. Glad to hear you're having fun Jan! x

  2. Hi Jan - I loved being reminded of the Bumper Summer Special editions of comics. No summer was complete without the rain hammering on the roof of a caravan and the Summer Special Beano / Dandy / Judy / Bunty.

    Will look forward to hearing about the book festival. Edinburgh is always inspiring.


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